Scene Connections Between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story

Scene Links Between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story

scene connections to Romeo and Juliet Which 2 scenes in the film finest link this text to Romeo and Juliet * What concepts do they share * How has the director highlighted these connections Romeo and Juliet is the story of the relationship between the kid and child of 2 families, which are opponents, the Montagues and the Capulets. Their families protest their plan to wed, and the story ends in the death of both lovers. In West Side Story, instead of families, there are two competing gangs in New york city City, the Sharks and the Jets.

One gang is “American” and the other gang is Puerto Rican. A boy from one gang falls in love with a girl whose brother remains in the other gang. These young enthusiasts, too, die at the end of the story. West Side Story worries itself more with culture and bias, while in Romeo and Juliet, the enmity in between the two households is more about political power than culture. West Side Story is a contemporary take on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The two stories share a number of similarities.

Much like the Montagues and the Capulets, the Sharks and the Jets have an ongoing fight. The conflict in between the groups in both stories typically appears in violence on the streets of their cities (Verona and Manhattan respectively). Romeo falls for Juliet at the Capulets’ ball, while Tony and Maria likewise identify each other at a dance. Like Romeo, Tony pursues Maria despite coming from opposing sides. He serenades her on her fire escape simply as Romeo sees Juliet from her balcony. Both couples keep their love a trick from their families.

Maria confides in Anita like Juliet confides in her nurse. The love scenes between Tony and Maria are really similar to Romeo and Juliet. The fire escape resembles the scene where Romeo ascends to Juliet. In addition the way both Tony and Romeo explain the sounds of the females’s names are comparable. Notification how their descriptions of awareness with the other in the world is similar: Romeo: It is my soul that calls upon my name: How silver-sweet noise enthusiasts’ tongues by night, Like softest music to going to ears!

Maria: “All the sounds of the world in a single word.” Lastly, I think the theme of individual action versus social conformity is painfully obvious in both sets of characters. The most interesting and vibrant difference in between both works is that Maria is the just one of the 4 who is condemned to needing to live. In these settings, passing away is simple, life is hard. Romeo & & Juliet|West Side Story|3rd civil brawl|conflict in between the Jets and Sharks at the beginning|party at the Capulet house|dance at the gym|balcony scene|emergency exit scene|edding at Friar Laurence’s cell|mock wedding at the bridal shop|duels between Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo|rumble underneath the bridge|Nurse deserts Juliet by urging her to marry Paris|Anita betrays Maria by not delivering her message to Tony|Romeo; Juliet|West Side Story|Montagues|The Jets (white)|Capulets|The Sharks (Puerto Rican)|Romeo|Tony|Juliet|Maria|Nurse|Anita|Mercutio|Riff|Tybalt|Bernardo|Friar Laurence|Doc|Paris|Chino|Prince|The Authorities (i. e. Lieutenant Shrank)|Balthasar|Doc (as a messenger)|Benvolio|Anybodys (action-wise) Baby John (personality-wise)|

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