Satire- Animal Farm

Satire- Animal Farm

How does Orwell represent his satire in the unique, Animal Farm? * What is Orwell’s message? * Equality amongst humankind does not exist * Communism/socialism/animalism is predestined to stop working * Power and control * How does he accomplish his function? * Microcosm of Animal Farm * Anthropomorphism– human characteristics for power and control reflected through pigs * Represents Soviet leaders, Stalin and Trotsky, through Napoleon and Snowball. * How have I got the composer’s message (importance)? * Is equality really present?

Anywhere? * Opens the reader’s eyes to the conditions of Revolutionary Russia * Orwell’s extreme disliking of the Russian Transformation * Boxer hope * Strategies * Detailed language/emotive language * Brief sentence * Propaganda– convincing language * Irony/hypocrisy * Importance * Windmill Industrial Revolution * Trade exterminating Major’s vision * Proletariat * Boxer * Clover * Benjamin * Dissidents * Mollie * Leaders– callous, savage, unsupportive of others, materialistic * Napoleon Snowball How have I received the author’s message? I see animal farm as a true to life, scathing criticism of the human condition. Orwell has handled through a simple yet definite novella to uncover each human’s underlying issues of the world they reside in. The simple turning of functions of nature in representing humans as animals, leaders as pigs, and the lowest of the intellectual chain is an immediate shock aspect. Orwell’s simple yet powerful tone sustaining throughout the novel strengthens the flaws in mankind.

Orwell’s targeting to the basis of the human system creates an embarassment in me as I check out page on page. I feel pity when I check out of how the horses who represent the most dedicated of the population is so ruthlessly capitalized that the human condition has stopped working to such an extent, where hard work is not rewarded with what it is worthy of. Orwell’s biting; bitter tone hangs as a cloud over the reader as we progress through the basic moments in the book.

However as criticisms are made from the leaders, the followers, the workers; Orwell has actually handled to make one thing clear; the human population can not exist with ‘equality’. The idea of a utopian society can not exist because despite the fact that we are born naked, starving and weeping, our specific characteristic can not work harmoniously. Orwell concerns our making, asking how intellect can be equivalent to physical strength and who determines what ‘equality’ implies.

Which greater power does identify, whose actions are equivalent, how does one similarly share resources? And while yes, Orwell does present to us a leader, we find that equality is always overshadowed by primal human impulse, greed. Great and Evil, Rich and bad must constantly exist for there to be ‘equality’ polar opposites must exist for a society to work. And equality can just exist, if we exist as the method we was available in the world, the same; bleak and naked.

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