Romeo and Juliet: Was It Love or Lust?

Romeo and Juliet: Was It Love or Lust?? Desire For centuries, the greatest disaster of the Victorian age, and possibly the best ever written in the English language, has revealed the world the raw power which “young love” can exhibit. However was it really this “love” which provoked such intense and emotional impulses? Or was it “young desire” which ended up being rooted in the 2 teens? Key clues from the spiritual text of the Bard himself can offer insight to the real nature of the characteristics in between the star-crossed lovers. The first example comes from Act I, Scene I, lines 205-6.

It so follows: “She’ll not be hit with cupid’s arrow; she hath Dian’s wit” The audience is very first introduced to Romeo whilst he remains in a state of depression over the abrupt end of his relationship with his fling, Rosaline. She ended the couple’s relationship due to the fact that she was too smart to succumb to Romeo’s games. She is smart enough to see how Romeo only has a lust for her and reveals no real interest in her personality or who she genuinely is as an individual. This is a photo of a chastity ring. The quote “She’ll not be struck with Cupid’s arrow; she hath Dian’s wit. stated by Romeo, associates with this picture. In saying “she hath Dian’s wit”, Romeo speaks of Dian who is the goddess of chastity. Romeo likewise stated “She’ll not be hit with Cupid’s arrow.” This suggests that Rosaline has taken a vow of chastity which annoys Romeo. A vow of chastity is usually done by a priest and the female is offered a chastity ring. A chastity ring represents a pledge, vow, commitment or objective to abstain from sexual relations up until marital relationship. Dian’s wit was the reason Cupid’s arrow missed. As soon as again seduction as desire is simply a desire for sex without a significant relationship.

If Romeo truly loved Rosaline, she would not have actually had to present her chastity ring. Romeo obviously understands not the difference between lust and love; therefore he does not understand how to reveal how he actually feels. “Alike bewitched by the beauty of appearances” This quote about Romeo and Juliet shows how both of them succumbed to each other’s good looks. This is a best example of desire because although this quote is stating they are succumbing to each other, it does not say that they fell for each other’s character or their intelligence. It reveals the thing hey love about each other is their appeal and physical attributes. This as the majority of people understand, has absolutely nothing to do with what they are actually like on the within. In other words, it is due to lust and powerful infatuation that they begin to fall in love. The love in the story blossoms from desire. Romeo and Juliet are much too young to understand love and its fragile intricacies. This photo comes from the 1968 movie Romeo & & Juliet from the scene of their “morning after.” The young couple rapidly elopes and seals their marriage with courtly relations the night following the wedding event.

They show no unwillingness in quickly marrying and obviously have no remorse in delighting in the other’s business in more ways than one. Their hurried marital relationship was the outcome of their overwhelming infatuation and their account for the scenarios surrounding the competition between their households. The marriage would have been forbidden; and being young and silly, they believed it was an incredible idea to marry in secret and as quickly as possible. “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw real charm till this night. This quote clearly depicts Romeo’s initial intentions due to the fact that although Romeo is talking about his aching heart, he only hurts for Juliet’s appeal being the reason for him falling in love. He states that there is no way he has liked before now since he has actually never seen real appeal till he saw Juliet. Despite the fact that he is discussing love, he is comparing love to her appeal on first blush, and that is merely infatuation. This picture was drawn from the 2013 film of Romeo & & Juliet starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Cubicle.

They are both looking in wonder at each other. Romeo has actually approached her after saying his fateful line revealing his liking for her beauty. The 2 quickly become brought in to one another and regrettably do not yet understand how their families dislike each other. The lovers are permanently doomed and from this moment on, their stars are crossed. The more youthful generation frequently thinks that they are wiser than the older. They believe that they alone understand how love works. The heart wants what the heart desires, right?

Well this might not always hold true. The heart isn’t always correct. It can lead us astray because many a time it understands not what is love, what is infatuation, and what is lust. It is a challenging organisation attempting to navigate the temporal waters of love. For some it might take years to reach the appropriate location. But love is not something one can teach. It needs to be experienced firsthand. All the experimentations are a part of telling us who we are as a person. For if we don’t find our own method, nobody can do it for us.

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