Romeo and Juliet Character Development

Romeo and Juliet Character Development

Development of Juliet Shakespeare’s advancement of characters, ultimately lead up to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare uses particular characters to affect the plot. Considering example the actions of Friar Lawrence and how he influences the choices of Juliet. Shakespeare’s advancement of Juliet is the most vibrant, as she remains in between the levels of maturity. Juliet needed to undergo through a series of various modifications in a day’s time period. In the start of the story, Juliet is being presented as a young teenager loyal to her moms and dads, and is still revealed as being innocent.

As Woman Capulet and Nurse is talking about Juliet’s plan of marital relationship, Juliet explains the concept that she isn’t ready to marry somebody yet. Nurse raves the sexual jokes to Juliet. Juliet goes on as she has actually not thought of the marriage yet, ‘It is an honor that I have not dreamt of’ (I, iii ll: 70). Juliet in the start reveals no intention of weding and has actually not taken the duty of fulfilling her royal duty. Shakespeare introduces us to Juliet, as she is starting to recognize what she must satisfy.

Lady Capulet goes on and tells Juliet, Paris’s interest of weding her, Juliet responds, I’ll look to like, if looking taste more, However no more deep will I ended my own eye, than your permission provides me the strength to make it fly (I, iii, ll:101 -103). Juliet being introduced to Parsley Lady Capulet, as she is becoming a function in her royal responsibility. Shakespeare’s development of this character in the start of the story reveals us the 14 years of age that has actually constantly been obedient in everything she has actually been told to do. Shakespeare has shown us that Juliet is first starting off as a lady that hasn’t the option of her life.

Shakespeare tells us Juliet has more to her than fulfills the eye. Shakespeare information Juliet as now growing and choosing for herself, she is on the road on being mature. She participates in the dance with her household, and sees Romeo and instantly falls in love with him. “My only love, sprung by my only hate! “(I, v, ll: 147) Juliet is now maturing and being independent because she finds her own love instead of Count Paris. Shakespeare soon provides us Juliet as being more than innocent, as she starts kissing Romeo, with barely understanding him.

When Juliet looks for a way to be with Romeo instead of Count Paris, she makes the decision of acting dead, by the potion given to her by Friar Lawrence, “Provide me, give me! O, tell not me of fear! “(IV, ii, ll:121) Juliet makes a rash choice of playing dead, as she does not think of the outcome for the rest of her household, but rather of herself. She makes the option of being with Romeo, rather of what her moms and dads initially desired for her. Later on, in the play, Juliet is revealed as being a loyal other half to Romeo in a few of the choices she has made.

Initially after Romeo is gotten rid of, she still opts for him, but in a heartfelt method. “And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead! “(III, ii, ll: 142) This indicated she would cut all of her life simply to be with Romeo. Juliet shown faithfulness because she would just make love to the one she has really fallen in love with and married. In the future, Juliet makes a rash choice of eliminating herself in the burial place after Romeo did, “Yea, sound? Then I’ll be quick. O delighted dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die (V, iii, ll: 174-175). She takes her life even if she could not take the discomfort that Romeo died in her name. This reveals her to be a faithful better half due to the fact that it took a lot in her to commit suicide. Juliet in the beginning of the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is exposed by Shakespeare as a loyal and ignorant woman. In the future she advances as an independent lady who falls for Rome. These 2 traits reciprocate with Romeo and she ends up being a faithful wife. This leads up to the tragedy, when she commits suicide along with Romeo. Thus Shakespeare has actually shown Juliet as a vibrant character.

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