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!.?.!? Verona Blab In the excellent hall of the Capulets, all is a-bustle. The servants work feverishly to make certain all runs smoothly, and set aside some food to ensure they have some enjoyment of the banquet as well. However this ball isn’t what it seems, for numerous secrets lay behind the drape and around the corner. The Capulet ball, where enemies were combined, arguments happened and love was in the air. It’s not a surprise that the Montague’s were excluded from this occasion as the feud in between the Capulet’s and Montague’s has been going on for rather a long time now.

Dancing, music, laughter, and love, there’s nothing like a Capulet celebration, however, the celebration wasn’t all fun and games. 3 young men were spotted sneaking into this celebration. In the beginning, nobody understood for sure exactly who these males were. I thought to myself, possibly they were Montague’s attempting to crash this party and make it a catastrophe, triggering more of a fight between the families. I talked to Tybalt to get more information on these guys. Tybalt response was, “This by his voice must be a Montague” which suggested that they were in truth Montague’s, which he was absolutely not pleased to see them. I desired them to leave” he stated “they were never invited in the very first place and had no right to be there”. This rapidly stimulated as a quandary in my head, and I wondered why the Montague’s weren’t kicked out. “I raged when Capulet told me that the Montague’s were welcome to stay. He didn’t want any difficulty however I wanted them gone!” specified Tybalt. It appeared as though he wished to develop more conflict between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s, however, Capulet would not permit him to produce a big scene.

The Montague men weren’t the only interesting men at the celebration. A young gentleman by the name of Paris was also identified at the celebration. He appeared to be spending a great deal of time with Capulet’s daughter, Juliet. Could this be the start of a brand-new relationship? It might be, but my sources soon revealed to me that Capulet still believes that his daughter is too young to get wed and desires Paris to wait until she’s a little older. On the other hand, Paris and Woman Capulet seem to want Juliet to wed Paris. Lady Capulet was seen attempting to bring them more detailed together at the celebration.

Paris does not appear to be the only man in Juliet’s life. She was spotted kissing an unidentified gentleman at the party. He remained in masquerade, so nobody might inform who he was, however he was indeed another uninvited guest. Some people believe that this man might’ve been one of the Montague males trying to trick Capulet’s daughter into falling in love with him. Report has it that it was none aside from Romeo, the kid of Montague. In general, the night was a success! It was full of love, mystery, thriller and drama. By: Brendan Shivratan

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