Role of Women in the Odyssey

Function of Women in the Odyssey

Natasha Castillo October 3, 2012 Role of Women in “The Odyssey” “The Odyssey” by Homer is an impressive poem about Odysseus’ go back to his spouse and boy in Ithica after the Trojan War. Females play an exceptionally large function in this legendary poem. Odysseus’s child, Telemachus tries to get authority in the presence of the suitors but it is hard. Especially when he goes on his own journey under the guidance of Athena. Throughout the impressive poem however, the females play their roles as mothers, servants, seductresses, some are a mix.

These ones can be viewed as females in power due to the fact that they utilize these tools in order to control men. Mothers depicted in this impressive poem are viewed as the providers of “pity and sadness” instead of real supporters of their sons and spouses when in war. Most of the times, these are females who require to be guided and supported by males, whether it be a boy or a husband. An example of this would be when Telemachus purchased Penelope from the space, in order to show the suitors of his intention to claim to his daddy’s throne. Another example would be Anticlea, Odysseus’ mother.

She dedicated suicide due to the fact that she missed out on Odysseus and thought he was dead. Mothers need to care for, nurture, and safeguard their children and other halves. I ‘d say Penelope is the most complex woman I have actually ever checked out. She is both a mother and in some cases a seductress. She leads the suitors on and makes them wait. She is not ready to wed once again. “It is your mother’s fault not ours, for she is a very artful lady. This three years past, and close on 4, she has been driving us out of our minds, by motivating every one people, and sending him messages without suggesting one word of what she states” (Book II).

Penelope grieves her lost love, and initially is totally oblivious to the attention from the suitors. She reminds me of a Siren, (seen in book 11) always singing to encourage men but not meaning to satisfy any promise of love or sex. Penelope is the best example of a lady in the novel that is a mother, and in some cases a seductress. During the lack of her child Telemachus, she begins singing about the lethal fights where she assumes Odysseus has died and falls to weeping. When Telemachus returns, he knocks some sense into Penelope. Odysseus is not the only man who never ever returned from Troy, however many another went down as well as he. Go, then, within your home and hectic yourself with your everyday responsibilities, your loom, your distaff, and the buying of your servants; for speech is guy’s matter, and mine above all others- for it is I who am master here” (Book 1). The sirens and Circe are the ultimate seductresses in the epic poem. Circe turns Odysseus’ men into pigs and informs him she will change them back only if he goes into bed with her. Odysseus does not understand that he remains in bed with her for about a year or so.

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Sirens sing to guys at sea and make them fall in love with them and after that consume them. These are fantastic examples of seductresses. However, I think Clytemnestra is another fine example. She is Agamemnon’s other half and throughout his lack, suitors too surround her. Clytemnestra likewise went through a deep grieving and reveals that women who are mothers and are devoted to their hubbies, sons, and household, are susceptible to look for other males, in their lack. Clytemnestra falls in love with Aegisthus and they plot to kill Agamemnon when he returns. In the beginning she would have absolutely nothing to do with his wicked plan, for she was of a good natural personality; furthermore there was a bard with her, to whom Agamemnon had actually offered strict orders on setting out for Troy, that he was to keep guard over his partner” (Book 3) however he was gone too long and she fell for somebody else. In “The Odyssey” by Homer, Homer actually explains women as people who are weak and vulnerable. He depicts women to be prone to discover another male figure in their lack (a long lack).

Ladies in this story require males in order to feel like they are fulfilling their fate by taking care of, nurturing, and safeguarding their sons and/or spouses. Penelope and Circe are good examples of women in power in “The Odyssey” due to the fact that Penelope utilizes her mom figure to in a way control Telemachus and uses seduction to control the suitors and keep them in the palace and Circe tells Odysseus she will change his guys back to human beings IF and only IF he goes to bed with her. I think women truly do play a big function in “The Odyssey. “

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