Rogerian Argument For The Lottery Essay Research

Rogerian Argument For The Lottery Game Essay Research

Letter from Mrs. Hutchinson to The Council of the Village:

Rogerian Paper

To the Town Council,

I am writing to you about the lottery which we hold every year. In this lottery

which an individual is picked at random and is stoned to death. I comprehend that you believe

that since it has actually been custom for so long and for that reason, it is all right. It has been going on

for as long as I can remember. This approach has been around because the time when Jesus

walked the earth. We see it in all type of stories in the Bible. We definitely have to

pick someone in the village for the lotto. We need to have s individual that we understand or

the crops might go bad. The idea of a lottery game makes it fair for all those who get involved.

This way there is no one person that is singled out of the group. It likewise brings a sense of

household worths?, a minimum of in my family. With all everyone in my family being so busy it is

very unusual that all the members of my household are together for any factor of the lottery. It

is fantastic the manner in which all the families come together in anticipation. In this right, it

also offers our town a sense of community and brings us closer together. Everyone

knows everyone and the lottery game draws us yet more detailed together. It is very uncommon to see a

whole neighborhood come together and I am pleased to be part of one that does. Management is

a quality the men in out village have. The reason they have this quality is due to the men

taking charge and selecting for their households in the lottery game. If the did not pick something

could go wrong with the crops. When the whole lottery is all over the crops will be better

off according to the superstitious notion. This helps the village from lacking food, and I

do not wish to see my household starving to death.

Though it is a tradition that has actually been around for ages, the lottery game is simply wrong.

I find it to be quite unethical. By eliminating moms and dads of children, or even worse

taking children from their moms and dads in such an awful method, hurts those that are affected.

This separates households and harms all of those in the family that is chosen. If the partner

or father of a household is selected, the family is going to be hurt really terribly financially.

Think of all of your enjoyed ones. The concept of losing a member of the family to a disease is hard

enough, however losing a relative to something that can be absolutely avoided would

injure worse. Other towns in the location have stopped the lottery game. The crops in the other

towns have actually been bigger than ours given that they have actually stopped their lottery games. It has actually been this

way because they had more people to do the harvesting. The lottery game runs out date and not

meant for today?s society. Stoning individuals to death was discredited in the past and I

think it needs to still be that method. Eliminating people in this manner also types violence in our

neighborhood. Children collecting rocks in the town square in anticipation of being the one

to provide the deadly blow to the unlucky person drawn. Guarding their piles of rocks so that

they can be the individual to throw the most stones. This is so scary to think of innocent

children being so terrible. This method of population control simply plain injures. Stoning

people to death is vicious and unusual penalty.

I think that compromise is vital to the health of the neighborhood. Death is an

incredibly drastic step of population control. There are other options that I would

like to give the attention of the council. Rather of a person being killed I think that

he or she might end up being a castaway for a year or two. In this manner the individual is out of the

town and is no longer overpopulating our community, or we could have the family which

draws the black dot to move away. This will give more room for other households to move

in, and even more land for farming. We might even create a brand name new tradition.

The council in workplace can decrease in history for being the council that developed a

brand-new tradition that will go on for generations. We can begin a family planning clinic to

motivate birth control, which would limit the population without death. We can

educate those who do not comprehend the idea of birth control, instead of making their

children pay for it. I would commit my life to informing everyone and introduce other

methods of population control. There are so many kinds of birth control out there, and if it

conserves lives I believe that individuals will show more interest. If in fact, you find it essential

to continue with this custom please make it quicker so that we can limit the suffering of

those picked. Stoning is a really uncomfortable and cruel. These people that have actually been picked

have not dedicated a criminal offense, however only had really misfortune. The stonings are also performed in

front of the household, consisting of the kids. This can scar the children psychologically and make

them bad for the community in the future. We hear stories in the news every day about

children who turn into killers due to the fact that of something that took place to them as a kid.

This is not good for the community. Imagine having to deal with murderers in our

community. Personally I enjoy our community, but it to can end up being as scary as the

places we find out about on the news. I believe that all of you will make the ideal option.

Please give my concepts some serious consideration.

All the best,

Mrs. Hutchinson

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