Robinson Crusoe and the Imperial Theme

Robinson Crusoe and the Imperial Style

!.?. !? Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe and the Imperial Style Robinson Crusoe is an Englishman from York. He is the lead character and the storyteller of the story. He wishes to have an adventurous life at sea and to travel, so he sets out to a journey. Having survived a storm and after being shackled by a Moorish pirate, he settles in Brazil and becomes a plantation owner. Eager for slave labour, he starts a slave-gathering exploration to West Africa however ends up shipwrecked off the coast of Trinidad.

By finding out how to perform activities that might assist him endure, he handles to develop a home for himself. The only thing he misses out on is human contact, the voice and the existence of another person. Years after getting here on the island, he finds a step, which in my opinion, scares him, but at the exact same time gives him hope. The step ends up to come from a Caribbean local and cannibal, whom Robinson calls Friday. The two of them completely alter each other’s lives. In Robinson’s eyes Friday is simply a savage who needs to be taught the modern way of living, i. the English lifestyle. The really truth that he offered him a new name shows that he thinks about Friday since a newborn, a beginner, whom he conserved from a primitive and uncivilized lifestyle. He aspires to teach him everything a civilized person should know, the English language, the manners of the Western world, about the Bible and God. Robinson sees Friday as a desperate individual who needs to be conserved from the way of living he led prior to he fulfilled him. In his desperate effort to civilize Friday he does not understand that he is not “uncivilized”.

Robinson, at the very start of his life with Friday, puts himself, his language and in this method also his culture above Friday’s. The reality that the first word Friday learned in English was “master”, promotes itself: “I likewise taught him to say “Master, and then let him know that was to be my name”1 Robinson Crusoe stands for an entire nation, which began dominating brand-new places and subduing individuals all over the world. He means an idea that everything that was not European or Western was savage; that everyone who did not believe in their God was a heretic which all those non-believers had to be enlightened by them.

Friday, on the other hand, represents the controlled countries, individuals who suffered under the hazard of being removed from their homes in order to be become somebody’s slaves. Robinson Crusoe demands continuing his spiritual devotions during his long exile and makes frequent references to a Christian God who determines human destiny and certainly every day life. Robinson Crusoe is quite an item of his society. His brand name of Christianity was common for a man of his class.

What I found ironic is that, although a spiritual person who judges other people’s actions, Robinson never had doubts about “owning” another individual. This makes me question his faith and his God, who says that it is a sin to be a cannibal, but to have individuals working hard for you without paying them, is appropriate. I would not describe Robinson as an evildoer, because he never ever did any harm Friday, a minimum of not physically. I would state that he was blinded by the society he matured in which he himself did not understand great and evil thoroughly.

He discovered Friday was a primitive savage, however I find Robinson to be the primitive one. In numerous ways Crusoe seems the same person at the end of the unique as he was at the start. Regardless of years of solitude, exile and wars with cannibals, Crusoe hardly seems to have actually grown or developed. Crusoe’s story can be seen as an allegory of colonialism. Friday’s subjugation to Crusoe shows colonial race relations, especially in Crusoe’s unquestioning belief that he is helping Friday by making him a servant. At the end of this story, Robinson Crusoe refers to himself as a king.

This made me like the character of Robinson even less, due to the fact that as I was approaching the end of the book I was hoping that he would end up being more a buddy to Friday than a master. The story can be checked out as a fable of survival in praise of the human spirit, or as an example of how the brand-new society brought its values, faith and self-centered behaviour to any location it colonized. It is a story not just about man finding himself on an deserted island, however about a whole way of living, about the concept of white males and their culture transcending to every other race, religious beliefs and society.

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