Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

Worksheet 1– Robinson Crusoe Check out the excerpt provided and address the following concerns. Check a recommendation book if essential, however please make certain to express and validate your viewpoint about the points below in the first location. a. Which adjectives would you use to the main character according to the texts you have checked out? I would define Robinson Crusoe as a dominant, generous, self-dependent, brave, strong, smart, enduring, creative, practical, adaptable and hard working man. Robinson Crusoe discovers himself alone in a lost island.

He manages to discover water and food, and to make tools that will assist him fishing, cooking … He becomes a self-dependent male because he’s got no option. In order to keep himself alive, he adopts a brave and strong mindset that leads him to discover and create new methods to look after himself. He experiments, he attempts his new ideas, and he works hard due to the fact that he knows that this will bring him the food needed, and so on. Likewise, when he satisfies Friday, he shows himself dominant and remarkable to him, however despite the fact that Friday becomes his servant, he still is generous and detailed with him.

Being wise become a necessity when surviving depends on it. And he provided for 25 years. b. Guy and nature in the novel. What is Robinson Crusoe’s attitude towards the island and its resources? Robinson Crusoe uses what ha can discover in the island to produce his own environment where he can live and survive. He gets whatever from nature as the primary source to make whatever he requires. He takes materials and nutrients and changes them himself. This is what Defoe’s preaches in this book, that raw materials are the start of a production process which men have to produce in order to produce what will bring advantage. Robinson Crusoe and Male Friday. What is the relationship between them? They have a relationship of Master and slave even though Crusoe treats him relatively well. He teaches him his ethical standards and tries to turn him into a civilised man. In spite of mentor, feeding and offering him of a new home, Friday is never ever dealt with as an equivalent by his Master. This takes place because he sees Friday like a wild being whose behaviour is better to the one common of an animal instead of a human being and so, he adopts a superior position towards him. d. The rise of industrialism.

How is it viewed in the book? Would you define the main character as a capitalist? Why? The novel Robinson Crusoe is entirely written to explain the rise of Industrialism. From the beginning the character finds himself in an adventure that, in order to endure, forces him to adopt the attitude of a survivor, simply as the new capitalists were doing back house in England. He develops a sense of affordable own safety and starts to approach towards that direction. To survive in a lost and lonely island he manages to obtain his own economical success, which, in the novel, are his fundamental requirements.

In the future he even produces his own world of commodities for his cost-effective advantage. Once again, by adopting this capitalist attitude. All this, together with relationships value decreased due to the social idea that they were thought about the strangest non-rational consider human life at the moment, emphasizes the private interest for affordable success. So, I consider Robinson Crusoe’s mindset as the typical of a capitalist. e. Colonisation and Empire. How are these aspects represented in the novel?

Does the unique justify colonisation of “uncivilised” lands? His alienation in a lost island represents the image that people had of the nests, something that occurred far, far away and had nothing to do with their existing lifestyles in their house countries. In the very same method, they viewed the nests inhabitants so various that they ended up treating them as slaves instead of humans. They likewise traded with them; just as they made with everything they might sell and generate income with from these nests.

This is more less the attitude of Robinson Crusoe towards his native “buddy”, Friday. He generally uses him for his own interest and in the end he controls Friday’s economy and transforms his thoughts without asking him, like they did when they colonized new nations. Friday obeys and even admires Crusoe, just as the ideal servant. Yes, the unique justifies the colonisation of uncivilised lands. They’re viewed as a source of richness and really inexpensive raw materials. Irene Costa Alcantara. 08-09-08. Intro to English literature.

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