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Term Paper on Frankenstein

In the book Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, covertly blames Victor throughout the course of the novel as the cause of his own suffering and pain. Victor ultimately is the one and only monster within the unique since of relationship that has developed in between him and the beast. Victor Frankenstein has actually produced a monster that throughout the novel damages him due to the fact that of his absence of obligation and selfishness.

The monster devotes a number of different crimes which in return causes Victor to see him as the real beast nevertheless if Victor wasn’t so self- concerned with achieving his own goals, he would have seen the negative effects of the method he dealt with the beast previously then he did. In Frankenstein there are numerous things that are the cause to Victor’s grief and suffering. One of them is him being irresponsible. For instance, not only did Victor create one beast but he really thinks about rebuilding yet another one, this time a female so his initial creation could have a partner.

In Literature & & Its Times Volume 1 by Joyce Moss and George Wilson it states on page 118 “In England, Frankenstein constructs a female equivalent for the creature. He reevaluates, though, understanding that he has been incorrect in attempting to control life and death, and destroys the figure prior to offering it life”. In that statement it reveals that Victor did attempt to make another animal but realized that it was a bad idea and ruined it prior to even bringing to life.

Another example is from Frankenstein by Robert Kiely page 30. He specifies” Frankenstein’s very first act after producing a new life is to disown it … as soon as his dream is recognized in concrete type. Frankenstein wants absolutely nothing to do with it.” What he is saying is that the very first thing Frankenstein did was disown the animal right after he created it because he couldn’t stand to take a look at it and wanted absolutely nothing to do with the monster which shows us how he is reckless.

Robert Kiely specifies once again “But what is very important in the thematic terms of the novel is not the mere existence of the separation, however the fact that physical life is made unsightly (undoubtedly, is made to wither and die prematurely) since it is improperly tended by the mind. The issue is not abuse however neglect”. Here Kiely informs us that Victor’s problem is not that he is psychologically abusing his production rather disregarding it. Victor ignores the monster by neglecting him and just pushing him away like it’s not a concern. We can distinguish the book that

Victor never in fact physically abused the monster but just neglected him by acting as if he did not even exist which reveals us that he is reckless due to the fact that he is overlooking his own problems that he developed. Likewise in Novels for Students: Volume 1 on page 182 it mentions “Like a newborn baby reaching out to his mother, the creature reaches out to Victor when he is changed from an inanimate being. Victor labored for two years in order to provide the animal life, however he is so horrified by the creature’s ugly look he flees, leaving the animal to look after himself. By reading this statement we can inform that Victor flees away from the creature since of its revolting looks and wants nothing to do with the animal and monster that he himself has actually created. This shows us how Victor does not want any responsibility of having this creature around him and even looking after it. Not just can Victor Frankenstein be revealed as irresponsible however he can likewise be defined as self-centered. For instance he just made the beast since he wished to show to everybody that he was capable of producing life due to the fact that he thought to himself that he was functioning as God.

He primarily did it because he was looking for fame. In Frankenstein by Robert Kiely on page 30 he mentions “In spite of his claims to scientific interest, he demonstrates no dream whatever to observe and evaluate the imperfect outcomes of his experiment. When he does lastly pursue the monster, it is not to have it, control, or torture it, but to obliterate it.” This can show Victor as self-centered due to the fact that he doesn’t go to conserve the monster from triggering havoc and trouble, however to take the beast down and damage his life totally.

This can characterize Victor as an egocentric and self-centered person because he just is thinking of himself and how poorly the beast will make him look and plans to eliminate the monster before anybody truly learns about what he has done. By doing such thing it removes the bad credibility that he will have and that is all he really is thinking of. In Books for Trainees page 182 is states “Victor exclaims that she is innocent, that he knows who the killer is, however does not speak out at her trail. Justine provides a forced confession and is founded guilty and hung.

Over come with regret at the death of William and Justine, persuaded of his own regret, Victor looks for privacy.” This can show us how Victor is identified as selfish due to the fact that he himself has actually forced the confession upon Justine and in outcome of it she was killed for her nonexistent actions. He does this to once again safeguard himself and his household name. After the death of Justine and William it is then when Victor in fact starts to feel guilty since he didn’t anticipate any of this to take place due to the fact that he simply wished to secure himself.

Which this once again reveals us how Victor can be characterized as a self-centered person since only till after they were eliminated is when he actually began feeling guilty about what he has done. He gets to the point where all he does is wish to be by himself and starts separating himself from the outside world. In Frankenstein by Robert Kiely on pages 23-24 he states “A brand-new species would bless me as its developer and source says Frankenstein in the enthusiasm of his first experiments. No daddy might declare the thankfulness of his kid as completely as I should deserve theirs. This shows he is selfish too because he is simply discussing himself and how fantastic he thinks his production is and that is truly all he appreciates. By stating “No daddy might declare the appreciation of his kid as totally as I must deserve theirs.” Shows us how Victor later on ends up being jealous because all the other parents of their children are proud yet considering that he produced the monster he hasn’t felt happy because of its utter disgust that it brings upon him. He is also saying that he ought to have the pride all the other parents feel about their children instead of them because he has produced such an animal.

In the novel on pages 70-71 it states “the different accidents of life are not so adjustable as the feelings of human nature. I had worked hard for nearly 2 years, for the sole function of infusing life into an inanimate body. For this I had deprived myself of rest and health. I had actually wanted it with an ardor that far went beyond moderation; now that I completed, the beauty of the dream disappeared, and out of breath horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to withstand the aspect of the being I had actually developed, I hurried out of the room and continued a long period of time traversing my bedchamber, unable to compose my mind to sleep. By mentioning this Victor is telling us how he worked hard for almost 2 years and no one appreciated his work and all he wanted was the attention and area light for the effort he had actually been doing. But after he finished he understood he didn’t actually desire anyone to see the beast that he created due to the fact that he feared it would ruin his name and credibility in his town. In the quote he is also saying that he was far beyond delighted when he initially started his project once he completed it he was disappointed with the work he had done and right away went to his edroom and laid their unable to fall asleep due to the fact that of the ideas of the monster he had simply developed. This shows the readers he is selfish since all he really cared about was the way the animal looked, not about the work he had actually done. One other thing is the pain and suffering that Victor suffers from. For instance, the discomfort that he encounters is inexpressible since he starts to feel guilty and at that same time he is likewise selfish. In the book Literature and Its Times on page 118 it mentions “the beast, who has followed Frankenstein to England, witnesses the destruction and threatens to go to Frankenstein on his wedding night.

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The next day Clerval’s body is found strangled, and Frankenstein is accused of the criminal offense.” This is thought about discomfort and suffering because Victor now has simply been threatened by the beast that if he attempts to destroy him he will come to his wedding event and kill him. Instead the beast strangles Clerval in order to get his message across and scare Victor. Victor now has to go through the discomfort and suffering of losing Clerval. In the novel itself Mary Shelley writes “Thus ended a day memorable to me; it decided my future fate. By this Victor is saying how his memorable day was the day he finally ended up creating the monster and he realized from that point on that he will be evaluated from that point on due to the fact that of his production. And last but not least in Thematic Anatomy: Intrinsic Structures by David Ketterer he specifies “Frankenstein, like numerous artists and scientists, becomes associated with his work to the extent that the external world of nature and human relationships loses it affect.” This shows that Frankenstein loses his impact of the outside world and people since he does what he wants to do.

In conclusion we discover that Victor Frankenstein has many different factors for his own sorrow and suffering. Such things are pain, selfishness, and irresponsibility. By having all of these negative things it affects himself in a bad way since he doesn’t truly know right from wrong. He at first idea he would be helping the world by producing a new life however then soon recognized it was the worst possible thing he might have done due to the fact that it not did anything however bring discomfort and suffering to himself and individuals around him.

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