Reflection on “A Beautiful Mind”

Reflection on “A Gorgeous Mind”

In the poignant movie A Beautiful Mind, I was taken through John Nash’s experiences, a mathematical genius whose schizophrenia gradually starts to take over his lite after suffering the embarrassment of being detained during among his lectures and sent out a mental healthcare facility to he considered as crazy, John Nash refuses to take his medication since it hinders the top secret mission Parcher, one of his hallucinations. orces him to undertake throughout the movie. Just when Alicia, John’s other half, lets herself think that John is beginning to overcome his schizophrenia, his refusal to take his medication causes him o lapse Quen deeper into his health problem than he had previously. In one scene, Alicia lets John alone with their kid, trusting him to give their child a bath, and runs outside to gather the laundry before the start of an incoming storm.

When Alicia then comes across the shed John has been working in which has actually been covered with newspapers he had been “decoding,” she runs back to your home to discover her child who almost drowns, and after that gets physically abused by John in her desperate attempt to call Rosen for helvm find this scene particularly moving, due to the fact that shows rhe complete extent of how John’s schizophrenia interferes ith his ability to live a normal life. can not bring myself to fully imagine what John. he once revered mathematical genius must feel after realizing that he can not even control his own actions. His hallucinations cause him to forget truth, making him incapable of correctly fathering his own kid and being the accountable husband he desires to be When John physically injures Alicia and comes close to causing his kid’s death, he realizes that his schizophrenia has actually caused him to change into another person. ound the scene incredibly depressing because it showed how genuinely out of hand John’s hallucinations had ecome, and hæJ they took over his life. discover it ironic and devastating the same fantastic mind that leads him to discover evidence in video game theory then causes him to suffer and lose the regard he had trom others when he initially attended Princeton. Nevertheless, John finds out to overcome this mental instability and manages to hecome alarmingly effective which leads to another memorable and touching scene in the film.

Close to the beginning of the film, the head of the department tells John that although he might be talented with a dazzling mind, he will not have the ability to achieve nything unless he discovers to assert himself and his skills residential or commercial property In the end of the motion picture, when John is approached hy a guy considering him for the Nobel Prize. the professors at Princeton places their pens on the table. awarding him the highest honor that the members can give to each other. think this scene was both nostalgic and essential to the plot of the rncn. ie, since it shæjs that in spite of the oppression John sustains, he finds out to overcome everything which is the general theme the film was attempting to represent. John is ridiculed and questioned by the other teachers and students ar Princeton, yet he finds out to prove to himself hat his schizophrenia and hallucinations are not factor enough to quit the important things he enjoys most in life such as teaching and tending to his family. He even withstands the insulin coma therapy Dr.

Rosen registers for him five times a week in an effort to eliminate his schizophrenia which mentally hurts both he and his better half. It is a gratifying feeling to know that a guy who formerly had no control over his life and had trouble in figuring out something as simple as what is genuine and not genuine, ultimately wins the regard of the other faculty and then the Nobel Reward. Although neither John nor the medication can entirely et rid of the hallucinations, John manages to neglect their presence and continue on with his life.

He informs Martin that although they may haunt him, everybody is haunted by their past, and that he just describes his hallucinations as a thing ot his past. think this is an incredible accomplishment for John ‘-42 discovers to disregard what troubles him most, and I find that rhe scene when he lastly gains respect of his professors and world recognition through the Nobel Prize is extremely well deserved. In contrast. to the earlier scene in Which John could hardly acknowledge himself when he harms Alicia, believe this scene an unbelievable marked enhancement.

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