Reaction Paper on the Film “A Beautiful Mind”

A Lovely Mind is a film about John Forbes Nash Jr. who is significant for his contributions in Economics and Mathematics. It appeared in the movie that he has an impressive talent and showed it by carrying out at an extremely high level of accomplishment.

With a superior intelligence, I can say that Nash is truly a brilliant guy.

Despite the truth he is a genius, whatever still wasn’t perfect– he’s suffering from a mental disorder called schizophrenia without his awareness. While he has a beyond average ability in rational and mathematical elements, he had problems with his interpersonal relationships. This condition gradually eats up his mind, destroying his bond with the people around him. With this health problem, he wasn’t able to separate the imaginary world from the real life he is living in, with all the hallucinations and nonexistent buddies he has.

I strongly think that these misconceptions are from the feelings and memories he repressed in his subconscious that frees in the form of fictional pals and such. Lucky for him that he has understanding wife, because if it wasn’t for her love and support, he would not be able to get through one of the hardest trials in his life. Although she nearly lost her faith, Alicia didn’t give up the hope that Nash will at some point overcome his illness. This quality of Alicia is something I admired: standing by and remaining dedicated to the individual she loves one of the most.

Given all the battles, Nash didn’t quit the enthusiasm to discover and share his learnings too. He came out on top of this illness by declining treatment, living a typical life with Alicia and his kid, and also by persisting in informing eager young minds.

After enjoying this movie, I remain in stack of awe with the method Nash dominated whatever that stood in the method for accomplishing his dreams. I guess, the learning we can draw from his story is that we should see our specials needs not as hindrances rather, as challenges to make us strive for more. There might be times that we journey a little, we may even fall, but we should stand and continue strolling towards fulfilling our objectives.

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