Reaction Paper of the Movie “A Beautiful Mind”

Reaction Paper of the Film “A Lovely Mind”

A LOVELY MIND (Reaction Paper) As I saw the motion picture, a lot of concerns and explanations is available in mymind _ The movie was so difficult and full of twist which is truly hard to comprehend yet as the film goes on, my questions and information are slowty responded to and cleared. Initially my impression was how smart John Nash was, as most people Who experience mental illness. The feeling or sorrow came by me, as watched him battle with the feelings of solitude and depression, e struggled to find focus for his task and a place in the student hierarchy.

I wondered if it was since of his lack of household assistance that he became socially awtouard, and his lack of appropriate emotional reactions in social circumstances. His interactions with females entertained me and troubled me, His star looking and observations, patterns where not only intriguing however also was a testament Of his This type of film truly touched me in such a way where can see myself genius. sometimes in the life of Mr. John Nash. Yes, in fact speak with myself often, imagine hings that does not exist, often believed in my – Min ideas.

Sadly, Mr John Nash lite is more unpleasant and really tough ro comprehend and bring He’s lucky that he found a lady who wants to do whatever and sacrifice anything simply to bring him back to normal. Mr. Nash friends was wondering about his behavior and gestures because he’s suffering from the so-called schizophrenia. a mental issue. I’m also wondering why he hallucinate those 3 peoples and numerous things that leads him to theraphy.

He then became paranoid because ot his situation when he consent to Parchers work It showed me that psychologically ill people can lead extremely efficient and pleased lives. Although he had his hard times. With medication and treatment he was able to conquer his health problem and have a decently regular life. This film encourage me to respect and understand people who has mental problem or disease in the streets or in sidewalks, they’re also humans and they likewise require to be understand since we do not understand what thefre suffer prior to they had the issue

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