Reaction Paper for “The Count of Monte Cristo” Essay

The movie The Count of Monte Cristo has a lot of resemblances with El Filibusterismo. It informs the life story of Rizal and digs on a society of conspiracy and injustices. It shows us the result of being innocent and ignorant. It made me realize the huge value of education in our lives. Edmund Dantes, the main character of the film, is faced with so much dispute and suffered for a long period of time in jail due to the fact that of his traitor buddy and unconsciously being the provider of the hazardous letter of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Edmund does not know how to check out and write that’s why he wasn’t able to understand the content of the letter which was then a plan of rebellion by Bonaparte. He lost his trust in God after what had actually happened to him due to the fact that he thought that God was never there when he needed aid and justice.

When his priest buddy passed away, he had the chance to get away.

After escaping, he took a trip to the island of Monte Cristo to discover the treasure. He considered his fortune as a present from God. After discovering the treasure, he returned to Marseilles and camouflaged himself as an Italian priest. He utilized the treasure to punish those people who have harmed him and made his life miserable. The film gave me a brand-new point of view of revenge which is never implied for self-fulfillment however for the good of everybody. We don’t have to put the justice in our hands, rather ask it from God and wait patiently due to the fact that everything takes place for a reason simply have faith in Him. The movie also motivated me to work harder in my studies due to the fact that education is a gift that can not be taken by anyone from you, and it is the secret for a brighter and effective future.

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