Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

Catch/attention grabber: Have verbal things ever made you feel an emotion?

Bridge: My excerpt lies on pages 99 through 101 in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

Thesis: Ray Bradbury utilizes sound gadgets, irony, and figure of speech in order to Develop the mood of unhappiness and isolation

I. Sound Devices

a. Rhyme

i. “Ah, love, let us be true, to one another! For the world, which appears to lie prior to us like a land of dreams, so different, so stunning, so brand-new, hath truly neither joy, nor love, nor light, now certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain; and we are here as on a darkling plain swept with confused alarms of battle and flight, where ignorant armies clash by night”


a. Just 4 end sounds

ii. In the rest of the unique, usage of rhyme is small. His option to consist of a poem with a great deal of rhymes is because he wishes to cause a shift to motivate a character, Mrs. Bowles, to mention her viewpoints. Her viewpoints lead to the style of the novel which is censorship because she shows that if many people choose to speak out versus literature, all of it will ultimately end up being censored.

b. Consonance

i. “? standing, swaying, and him waiting on Mrs. Phelps to stop straightening her gown hem and Mrs. Bowles to take her fingers away from her hair.”

ii. Because quote, the “S” sound was heard 10 times, the “H”, 7, and the “T”, 7.

c. Onomatopoeia

i. “Sh, sh.”

ii. The noises are utilized to calm down Clara, the lady who is crying.

d. Repeating

i. “I’ve always said poetry and tears, poetry and suicide and sobbing and terrible feelings, poetry and illness.”

ii. Repeating of the word, poetry

iii. Likewise has rhythm.

II. Irony

a. Paradox

i. “The room was blazing hot, he was all fire, he was all cold?”

ii. In a hot setting, you expect somebody to be hot however to be cold is opposite of what is expected.

b. Embellishment

i. “His voice headed out throughout the desert.”

ii. Insinuating that his diction is loud and clear

iii. Refers to a figure of speech used earlier in that passage.

III. Figure of Speech

a. Metaphors

i. “They beinged in the middle of an empty desert?”

ii. The room isn’t as vast as a desert.

iii. Also imagery due to the fact that it describes that the space is big.

iv. No similes? Numerous in the rest of the book

b. Personification

i. “? her face squeezed itself out of shape.”

ii. Deals with can’t squeeze things.

IV. Other

a. Viewpoint

i. Ray Bradbury and Mrs. Bowles have opposite viewpoints.

ii. Bradbury speaks through Montag

b. Sign

i. 3 chairs vs. Montag standing

ii. More people think that reading isn’t helpful than people who delight in books which will get rid of books

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