Propaganda in Animal Farm

Propaganda in Animal Farm

The Main Techniques of Propaganda in Animal Farm Animal Farms propagandist methods are constantly contacted by the pigs to make the other animals flex to there will. Forms of propaganda used in Animal Farm are repeating, lying, rhetorical questions, determining the opponent, and intimidation. Squealer specifically utilizes propagandist strategies such as “Jones would come back, yes Jones would come back.” This is a form of repetition and like many other things assists the pigs have ultimate control over the animals. Squealer consistently utilizes rhetorical concerns to make the animals think what he is stating to be the truth.

When Squealer speaks he has a method about making the animals remember what it was like prior to the transformation and think about how much better off they are now. For instance throughout Squealers speech he says that the pigs are not being selfish by taking to apples and milk: “You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and benefit?” From this we can presume, Squealer is lying and by using a rhetorical question he answers for himself. Repetition is a commonly used tool that an author utilizes to imprint a message in the readers mind.

Throughout the book, the less informed of the animals, particularly the sheep, utilize the maxim 4 Legs Good, Two Legs Bad. This is an accurate representation of the values and beliefs Old Significant left for the animals to follow by. Another example of repeating is “Jones would return, yes Jones would return.” This becomes part of Squealers speech that he reverts to each time he attempts to make a point. Pinpointing the enemy is the last form of propaganda that I’m going to discuss. When someone ‘pinpoints an enemy’ they are making others around them familiar with what they are doing and how they are affecting the typical good.

By informing everybody that it was Snowball that destroyed the windmill which he was in league with Jones. Throughout the book, it is explained to the animals that anyone in league with either Snowball or Jones would be punished. The way that the pigs can control the other animals reveal the powers of adjustment and deceit. This book displays numerous kinds of propaganda, the majority of which are revealed by either Napoleon or Squealer. Fighter takes up the slogan Napoleon is always right. This is just another example of the manipulative strategies enforced by Napoleon.

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