Persuasive Letter: Of Mice and Men

Convincing Letter: Of Mice and Men

Dear Paige, I am composing to update you on the news here regarding Lennie’s death and the fact that George did undoubtedly shoot him. I think George did the best thing to kill his pal and faster way what made sure to be an unpleasant future or an unfortunate death filled with terror. Lennie no doubt mistakenly took the life of Curley’s better half. But with Curley’s impact, Lennie had no opportunity for a defense or future joy. In my opinion, Lennie needed structure and more care than George could provide him.

Prison would not be a fitting service for bad Lennie. In your favorable view of what incarceration can do for a criminal, definitely you concur with me that any correction center might not have changed bad Lennie’s odd behaviors. Lots of who are close to this situation think Lennie’s life remained in dire threat due to Curley’s out of control rage at losing his other half. Lennie made sure to wind up at the incorrect end of Curley’s weapon. George, in reality, had the ability to get Lennie to focus on his dreams of their own land where

Lennie might “tend the bunnies.” (Steinbeck, p. 14) George stated, “Look acrost the river, Lennie an’ I’ll tell you so you can almost see it.” (Steinbeck, p. 105) With true relationship in his heart, George pulled the trigger that saved his friend from a particular but terrifying death. Just as Candy expressed earlier “I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my pet dog.” (Steinbeck, p. 61) George, who did offer “a hoot in hell” (Steinbeck, p. 04) about Lennie, would not and COULD NOT let anybody else shoot Lennie. A real friend would never ever desire their buddy to go through what Lennie was undoubtedly dealing with. I hope that if I am ever in such a dire circumstance I have a buddy, possibly you Paige, who would save me from such an unpleasant conclusion to my life. George assisted Lennie to have an excellent life and in the end, a friendlier death than one Curley would have used him. Truly, Amy Walker

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