Parental Expectations in Romeo and Juliet

Adult Expectations in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Adult Expectations Adult expectations are basically the way moms and dads anticipate their kids to live their lives. The meaning of expectation is “the act of anticipating; to have a prospect of future good or earnings”. Moms and dads frequently expect their kids to be best. By this I imply make all the right decisions, do everything the method the moms and dads want it to be done, and live up to their moms and dads standards. I don’t always concur with a great deal of today’s parental expectations due to the fact that some parents attempt to benefit themselves instead of the kids. In this essay, I will explain adult expectations from today and from the play Romeo and Juliet.

I will connect some of the examples of expectations to motion pictures, or reality scenarios. Today’s Adult Expectations Sometimes in today’s world, parents expect so much from their kids that the kids don’t feel comfy in their own shoes. Moms and dads can expect a lot that the children aren’t even pleased. If parents find out their kid is “gifted” growing up, they frequently push him/her towards success instead of letting them mature normally like any other kid wants. If the kid can’t measure up to their parents expectations, in some cases their parents will get really angry at them. An example from a motion picture about this is the film “Friday Night Lights”.

In this film, there is a runningback who often fumbles the ball. He plainly is not doing it on purpose however his daddy becomes a growing number of embarrassed of his son whenever it happens. (His dad is an alcoholic, which does not help either.) One night when he gets back with a friend, he overturns a light. His papa asks what took place to the lamp and his child states that he dropped it. He father gets really mad at him and asks if he dropped the light much like he drops the football. They get into an argument. Then his dad, due to his anger, gets a football and duct-tapes it to his kid’s hands.

I find this scene is a very good example of how in some cases kids can not measure up to their parents expectations. Just because the parents could not reach their objective in life, does not suggest they should get their “skilled” kids to do it for them. Kids have dreams of their own, too. Another circumstance in society today is that kids are anticipated to follow in their moms and dads footsteps. Some moms and dads that own business expect their kids to take control of one day without ever asking the child’s thoughts on the concept. An example of this circumstance is from the film “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

There is an elf named Hermey. Like all other fairies in the North-Pole, Hermey is anticipated to make toys for all the kids worldwide. There is one issue; Hermey doesn’t want to make toys. Hermey wishes to be a dental expert. After hearing this, the head fairy gets very mad at Hermey. Hermey is referred to as a misfit due to his choice and he later flees to not need to make toys any longer and to learn more about being a dentist. It is essential to always ask your kids what they think of particular things and what they desire in life rather of simply anticipating or presuming what they want without their authorization.

Expectations put a lot of pressure on kids and it would simply be simpler on them to let them make their own decisions (but still direct them in the best course). Adult Expectations in Romeo and Juliet In the play Romeo and Juliet, the parents expect hatred between both families. Growing up, the Montagues were always taught to hate the Capulets and the Capulets were always taught to hate the Montagues. The kids were always informed that the other family is a bad household and that they would never ever get along. They were expected to hate the other household despite the fact that this hatred was developed generations ago by an ancient grudge.

These families are trying to fight a war that they weren’t even involved in to start. This fight could have been completely prevented if the initial relative that remained in conflict didn’t expect their children to pass it on. If they simply kept it between themselves like grown-ups should, the grudge would not have been passed down. In this case, the adult expectations were for the worst and not the best. Marital relationship is extremely different now then it was previously. The children were anticipated to marry somebody that either their parents chose for them or someone their parents authorized of.

Usually, moms and dads would attempt and get there children to wed a richer family or a family of greater social rank to enhance their family’s name. Who deserves to anticipate their kids to wed someone they do not even enjoy? In Romeo and Juliet, Capulet was constantly pushing Juliet towards marrying Paris. Although he never ever straight informs her, “I desire you to marry Paris”, you can constantly inform it’s what he wants. Although the Nurse, practically like a mom to Juliet, does point out that she chooses County Paris more than Romeo. “I think it best you wed with the County.

O, he’s a beautiful gentleman. Romeo’s a dishclout to him.” 3. 5. 228-230. Marital relationship is about love, and I don’t concur how, in these days, parents might anticipate there children to wed somebody they do not even like and not feel bad about it. To conclude, parental expectations can be for the much better or the even worse. Selfish moms and dads will utilize their kid’s skills to benefit themselves rather of the kids. Although other moms and dads will not take advantage of their kid and utilize their expectations more as standards to help their children prosper, not take control of the kid’s life.

Expectations ought to alter over time, as kids get older. After a while, you need to expect them to make their own options. If you always make the choices for them, how are they ever going to be successful when you aren’t there for them any longer? In Romeo and Juliet, the moms and dads are not constantly attempting to assist the kids however they are more concerned about themselves. In the end, Romeo and Juliet pass away and then the parents lastly recognize the incorrect they have done. It is necessary to have great expectations for your kids, and not to take control over them because that’s when things fail.

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