Outline over Fahrenheit 451*

Describe over Fahrenheit 451 *

Outline over Farenheit 451 I. Characters A) Person Montag 1. A third-generation fireman. 2. Looks for the meaning of books instead of burning them. B) Mildred Montag 1. Montag’s brittle, sickly looking spouse. 2. Obsessed with television and dislikes getting in frank conversation with her partner over her feelings or marriage. C) Captain Betty 1. Captain of Montag’s fire department. 2. He dislikes books and anyone who reads them. D) Teacher Faber 1. Retired English Teacher. 2. A male who has numerous books and craves for more. E) Clarisse McClellan 1.

A gorgeous seventeen-year-old who introduces montag to the appeal and meaning of the world. 2. She is a castaway of her society for her odd routines. F) Granger 1. Leader of the “Book Individuals”. 2. He is devoted to conserving all the literature through this existing middle age. G) Mrs. Phelps 1. Among Mildred’s vapid good friends. 2. A female damaged form all feeling till montag read her a poem that awoke her sensations. H) Mrs. Bowles 1. Another good friend of Mildred. 2. Much Like Mrs. Phelps, she is also broken from her feeling. 3. Having actually lost among her spouses in a mishap and losing the other in suicide, likewise 2 of her kids dislike her.

I) Stoneman and Black 1. Two firefighter who deal with Montag. 2. They share the common appearance of all firefighters, doing their tasks without concern. II. Setting A) Time 1. At some point in the 21 century; there has actually been 2 atomic wars because 1990. B) Place 1. In and around an undefined city. III. Plot A) Montag experiences Clarisse McClellan 1. She opens his eyes to the vacuum of his life with her innocently penetrating questions and her uncommon love of people and nature. B) Changes in life 1. Initially, his partner attemps suicide by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. 2.

Second, when he reacts to an alarm about an old female having a stash of books, he is shocked when the females decides to burn with her books. 3. Third, he hears that Clarisse was eliminated by a speeding vehicle. 4. Last, he rounds up all the books he drew from all the fires they had. C) Beatty interegated Montag 1. When Montag fells to appear for work, Beatty visits his home. 2. He informs Montag that all firefighters go through a phase about what books can offer. 3. Then he explains how books came to be prohibited in the very first place. 4. He offers Montag 24 hours to look and see if any of the books are worth reading.

D) Faber assists Montag 1. Montag couldn’t get his wife to help him check out so, he got Faber assist. 2. Faber agrees to help him with his readings, and together they thought about a strategy. 3. Faber will begin to replicate books, while Montag plants books in the houses of firefighters to challenge the occupation and damage the equipment of censorship. E) Betrayal 1. Montag offers the books to beatty, while beatty tells him qoutes from the books to confuse him. 2. The alarm goes off, as the rush to your house they find out its montag’s house, his other half betrayed him. 3. Beatty forces Montag to burn his own home down with a flamethrower. 4.

Montag turns the flame thrower towards Beatty and burns him to ashes, knocks the other firefighters out and runs for it. 5. The mechanical hound injects a large dosage of anesthetic in his leg, Montag manages to damage it with the flamethrower. F) The Chase 1. Montag gets the books he hide in his back yard, he conceals these in another firemen’s house and contacts a alarm. 2. Montag goes to Faber’s home where he learns a new hound is on his trail. 3. Faber informs Montag theres a retired printer in St. Louis, who might have the ability to assist him. 4. Faber gives Montag a few of his old clothing to hush his scent from the Mechanical Hound. He made it to the river becoming the clothes faber offered him, jumping into the river floating into the country location. G) Granger assists Montag 1. After getting out of the river he begins following a set of abandoned railway tracks up until he meets a group of Renegade Intellectuals. 2. There he satisfy a male called Granger, who was the leader of the “The Book People.” 3. Montag’s role in the group he simply joined is to memorize the “Book of Ecclesiastes.” 4. Enemy jets appear in the sky battle the neighboring city, montag and his new good friend look for survivors and attempt to develop a new civilization.

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