Outline of Mice and Men

Overview of Mice and Male

A. H. 1 A. A. H. English 7 Miroi Vuxenutbildinig Summary for Of Mice and Guy I have actually selected the novella of Mice and Men for John Steinbeck. I will go through the following outlines to explain the novella. Then, I will write my reflections upon it. A- Settings The time setting takes place in the time of the Great Depression of 1930s. The time setting takes two places: the stream and its jungle and the cattle ranch. Both locations are in Soledad region in California. The story starts and end in the stream location, but the majority of plot and the climax happen in the cattle ranch. From my perspective, the time setting has an essential function in the ovella, because the boys will not be desperate for a pitiful job without any depression time. The location setting acts only as a physical container for the story; it can take place anywhere. B- Plot The plot of this novella follows the easy order. It is based upon the complex and strong relation in between George and Lennie. It starts at the start of the story, it presents us the continuous dispute between the two friends. When the buddies reaches the farm, the new characters contribute to the dispute and participates in, later the plot reach the first climax when Lennie illed Curley’s better half by accident, later on the plot concludes by another climax when George finds Lennie and has to eliminate him to protect him. C- The characters The Novella provides 9 characters, which are the following: 1. George Milton: He is among the 2 main characters. He is clever, small, caring person. He takes a trip with his good friend Lennie so that they find a task. 2. Lennie Small He is the other main character. He is big, strong, however psychologically handicapped. He depends on George for everything. He likes to animal the little things. 3. Candy An old guy with one hand. He lost his hand in some farm work. He has an old canine, nd he shared the dream about the farm with George and Lennie. 4. Slim He is the guy who take care of the mules. Nevertheless, he is more than that. The novella explains him as the prince of the ranch, and by the end of the story, Slim smart acts and understanding become more revealed. 5. Curley A. H. 2 The child of the farm owner. A small-sized boy that seeks difficulties with larger guys. He is constantly furious about his partner and his manhood. 6. Curley’s wife She has infamous track record for chasing after other males, although she is simply wed. She is good-looking, stylish, and bold. Her death offers the climax of the plot. 7.

The Boss Curley’s dad. He is a strong man however appears only once in the story. 8. Criminals A black male who is referred as “the Negro”. He is the only black man in the ranch, so he invests the time alone reading books. He is accountable for taking care of the steady. 9. Carlson A small character that only appears about the old pet shoot scene. 10. Auntie Clara Lennie’s aunt. She appears when in the end of the story as a vision. D- The themes Several styles can be found in this novella as the following: 1- The destruction nature of the guy Lennie symbolize the pure male. However, he constantly damages and kills whatever he ouches. He implies no damage but he always damages. 2- The relationship and brotherhood Lennie and George reveals that 2 male strangers can become like siblings. Even when George needs to eliminate Lennie, he has to do it because of merci. 3- The dream The 2 boys and even the old male Sweet, they 3 share a dream. Perhaps it is the dream of the bulk at that time of the story. To have one’s own farm with animals that can sustain him and safeguard him from operating at strangers’ farms. 4- Eve and the Paradise Curley’s spouse is the story’s Eve. She seduced Lennie to touch her hair so that cause im to be casted out of the farm, and to eliminate her. 5- Isolation George is afraid from the loneliness, Curley’s other half is bored due to the fact that of it, and Scoundrel gets away to his book to make isolation much easier on him. 6- Metal impairment and innocence Lennie is innocence; he just can not realize what is going wrong. The story presents the metal disability unfortunately with a sad end. E- The Type and the structure The storyteller of the story is the third person limited. He understands just what is apparent and what the characters state. The story format is basic going as a straight line with few scenes; it is more like a play.

In the road scene, there are some vibrant descriptions, however we hear the characters speak more than we see the vibrant details of the location. The story is basic but complete with significances. The last scene touches one’s heart when George has to eliminate Lennie due to the fact that of merci. There is very little women in the story however A. H. 3 those who existed as sex symbols. The story is practical so one can find most of its elements in daily life. Bibliography Cliffs Notes. “Of Mice and Guy.” n. d. Cliffs Notes. 25 September 2014. <. Notes, The Glow. "Of Mice and Guy." n. d. The Glow Notes. 25 September 2014. <. Of Mice and Men. Dir. Gary Sinise. Perf. John Malkovich, et al. 1992. Youtube. Shmoop University. "Of Mice and Male." n. d. Shmoop University. 23 September 2014. <. Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. 1937. PDF. The Very Best Notes. "Of Guy and Mice." 6 April 2008. The Best Notes. 24 September 2014. <

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