Outcasts in Frankenstein

Outcasts in Frankenstein

The book Frankenstein is composed by the author Mary Shelly. Throughout the book Frankenstein there are a couple of characters and even a household who have actually been outcast from society throughout the story. The household that ended up being an outcast is the De Lacey family, and Victor Frankenstein was another individual aside from the monster who is an outcast in society during the story. The De Lacey household was an outcast in the book Frankenstein. The reason that the De Lacey family had actually become a castaway was because of what Felix the child had done. Felix liked a lady and the lady’s father was in jail.

The girl, Safie, was the daughter of a Turkish merchant whom consented to let Felix have Safie’s hand in marriage if Felix would break him out of prison therefore Felix did that. It is during the time when the monster is informing his story to Victor that this information is gotten. The beast tells us “The Turk quickly perceived the impression that his daughter had made on the heart of Felix and ventured to secure him more completely in his interests by the pledge of her hand in marital relationship, as quickly as he ought to be communicated to a location of safety” (87 ).

This informs us that the Turk merchant promised Felix Safie’s hand in marital relationship so long as Felix would release him from the prison. Although Felix did free the merchant the merchant betrayed the De Lacey family by turning them in. This then caused the household to loose all their wealth and power and to be exiled from their nation. In the book it says “The plot of Felix was quickly found, and De Lacey and Agatha were thrown into jail” (89 ). Further down it checks out “he hastened to Paris, and provided himself as much as the revenge of the law, wanting to totally free De Lacey and Agatha by this proceeding.

He did not prosper. They stayed restricted for five months before the trial occurred; the outcome of which denied them of their fortune and condemned them to a continuous exile from their native nation” (89 ). As it shows even though Felix tried to get his Father and sis released the whole household was banished because the merchant exposed what Felix had actually done. Another castaway from the book would be Victor Frankenstein. He was more or a psychological castaway. He couldn’t bear to be around people in general.

Victor went to England after accepting make a woman for the beast and he found himself unable to be around the people just able to be there long enough to get the information that he require to complete his task. In the book it says, “I saw an insurmountable barrier positioned in between me and my fellow-men; this barrier was sealed with the blood of William and Justine, “( 115 ). What victor is saying is that having actually created the beast that triggered the deaths of William and Justine was to him like as if he had devoted the actual criminal activity.

It also says “I now also started to collect the product necessary for my brand-new development, and this was to me like the torture of single drops of water continuously falling on the head” (115 ). Victor brand-new that with a development of the a female beast he would no longer need to see the monster ever once again but it also aroused the possibility that a race of beast might be born onto the world which was something he might not deal with understanding it was his fault. Victor’s factors for having actually been outcast from society were more of psychological than that of the De Lacey’s which was more physical.

In the story Frankenstein by the author Mary Shelly there are characters that have actually become outcasts from society. Besides the monster the De Lacey household and Victor Frankenstein were also castaway from society. Nevertheless the De Lacey family was more of physically outcast from society. Yet Victor was mentally castaway from having developed the beast that eliminated his friends and family. This shows two various levels that people can become outcasts in society, physically by doing something to have triggered individuals to exile you or mentally by having done something that has triggered an emotional feeling of being castaway from other individuals.

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