Othello Critical

Travis Gordon ELA 30-1 October 3rd, 2012 Jealousy, the universal sensation we have actually all experienced at one time or another. Whether it be the latest piece of innovation that someone has that you do not and wish you did, or that kid on the playground that had those new light up shoes that were all the rage. Jealousy is not something that can be prevented, just managed.

It sneaks up on you, like a tree root sneaks up on concrete before it breaks to the surface.

In William Shakespeare’s catastrophe Othello, jealousy is a crucial part utilized by lots of characters as a weapon that is twisted and manipulated to serve their own ends. Iago, a deceitful and manipulative snake or the ironic pseudonym “Honest Iago” utilizes jealousy as a way of getting what he wants without realizing nor appreciating the backlash of consequences his actions have on the people around him. ‘O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed beast, which doth mock The meat it eats.

That cuckold lives in bliss Who, specific of his fate, enjoys not his wronger; But O, what damned minutes tells he o’er Who dotes, yet doubts– suspects, yet strongly loves! “(III, iii,) He describes jealousy as a “green-eyed monster”, because it is a frightening thing to see when it leaves hand. Once it is let loose, it is not quickly contained. When he infects Othello’s mind with the ideas of Desdemona betraying to him, and sneaking around behind his back with his lieutenant Cassio, it spreads out like a wildfire inside Othello’s head.

He begins to question himself. Although he knows in his heart Desdemona to be real to him, he can’t assist however consider the false accusations Iago has impregnated his mind with. Another character Iago handles to control with the raw power of jealousy is Roderigo. Iago manages to convince Roderigo that if he puts “cash in thy handbag”, Iago will make it so Roderigo can be together with Desdemona. This is a clear example of how easy it is to manage an individual once you give them an incorrect hope of something that might never be. What should I do? I admit it is my embarassment to be so fond; but it is not in my virtue to change it.” (I,iii,317-318) Roderigo admits to Iago that he is conquered with jealousy for Desdemona, but it isn’t within his character to change the way he feels towards her. Iago sees an opportunity to make a profit from Roderigo’s miseries and sets him on a mad quest to be with the woman he likes. The concept’s Iago plants into Roderigo, when they are rooted deep inside him, start to bristle like weeds in an unkempt garden.

It is a dream that in the end costs Rodrigo more than simply his wealth. He pays the iron price, with his life. Jealousy, when set upon an individual who has already harboured inside them, it spreads. Once it spreads out, it is no simple job to remove or manage. We see this in Othello, as it costs a lot of the characters their lives, since of a sensation incorrect hope and control, in the hope that what they desired would be theirs.

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