Of Romeo and Juliet

anfernee simon According to Duff Brenna, “All literature shows us the power of emotion. It is emotion, not reason, which inspires characters in literature.” This is shown in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and Of Mice and Men.

People are typically driven by their emotions or passions. Sometimes their actions defy sound factor or judgment. However, due to the feelings that the individuals may be experiencing at that time, their preliminary action is usually impulsive.

I agree Duff Brenna in her evaluation of how characters in literature are encouraged by their raging emotions and not by reason, sound judgment or knowledge. One can not merely act on how they feel, specifically if those emotions are negatives. Negatives feelings, if acted upon, will cause negative actions; whereas positive emotions will results in favorable actions. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, The Capulet’s and The Montegue’s hated each other’s households. The literary term I utilized to finest describe the story is irony.

The irony in the story was that the two families were feuding and the two cross fans fell in love. The primary character in the story that relates to my analysis of the quote by Brenna is Romeo. Romeo was a teenaged Capulet. He was tall with dark brown eyes. Romeo killed other people and bought toxin to eliminate his self later on. For an example, Tybalt was Juliet’s cousin. Romeo and Tybalt were never in contract with anything. When Romeo attempted to be good to Tybalt, Tybalt got aggressive and assaulted him. That behavior led to Romeo’s killing of Tybalt.

There are numerous themes that are represented in the story Of Mice and Guy by John Steinbeck. The theme that I will focus on is idealism. The 2 main characters of this novel, George and Lennie, always dreamed on having a dream farm. Lennie enjoyed to have fun with any animal that had soft hair. The story consisted of mice, rabbits and a pet. That dream that they had doesn’t get fulfilled due to the fact that George killed Lennie. George killed Lennie since Lennie had a mental disorder. It was George’s obligation to take care of him. Lennie was just excessive for George to deal with, so George had no choice to eliminate him.

Everyone in the story realized that the two guys weren’t going anywhere in life. For an example, Criminal expresses his doubt about the dream. No one ever gets into heaven and no one gets any land. Scoundrel is simply referring not only to actual ownership, however the imagine contentment about what these easy guys fantasize. John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men exposed the dreams as well as the discomforts that these two guys experienced in their lives. The actions of the characters in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and Of Mice and Guys were motivated by their emotions and not by factor.

Duff Brenna is accurate in her declaration that “All literature reveals us the power of feeling. It is feeling, not factor, which inspires characters in literature.” Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and George in Of Mice and Male both committed actions based upon the negative emotions that they were experiencing. Had they provided much idea to the emotions that they were feeling; and had they used sound factor, I am encouraged that their actions would have been various therefore would the overall stories of the books.

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