Of Mice and Men: Why George killed Lennie the Explanation

Of Mice and Men: Why George eliminated Lennie the Explanation

!.?. !? Ian Herren Mr. Bell English 1: Hour 4 10713 Did George require to eliminate Lennie? The Description There are some bad things on the planet that we have to take action with; like hazardous dogs or bad individuals. Those things can be looked after easily by either eliminating it or holding it in a secluded location. Now back when the story is being informed, there weren’t numerous places to put individuals in, so they were often carried out. George had to do this with Lennie in chapter 6. Yet did he do this on function? So George killed Lennie since of him getting in too much problem and people wanting to hurt him.

Lennie always gets in a great deal of problem in various ways. In the story, the very first thing he gets in problem for is in Weed. “Well, he seen this girl in a red dress. Dumb @ #! *% like he is, he wishes to touch whatever he likes. Simply wishes to feel it.” (Steinbeck 41). When someone like Lennie gets in problem, he doesn’t truly imply it. He only believes it is all right but it ends up bad and triggers issues. Likewise he can’t remember his mistakes. “Do not you go yellin’,” he said, and shook her; and her body tumbled like a fish. And then she was still, for Lennie had broke her neck”. (Steinbeck 91).

Given that Lennie does not have an excellent memory, he did not remember what occurred the last time he shook something. Therefore he got into more trouble than the last time by killing Curley’s Better half on mishap. All the times Lennie got in trouble, he thought it would go well, but it became insanity and people got mad. People wanted to harm Lennie since of what he did. Among these persons would be Curley, and for an excellent factor. “I understand who done it,” Curley cried. “That big son-of-a- @ #! *% has actually done it.” (Steinbeck 96). Because the beginning of the story Curley doesn’t like taller people which would be one approach.

The other would be that Lennie killed his other half, so he wanted to eliminate him for revenge. However he wasn’t the only one that blamed Lennie for things. “Before George answered, Sweet dropped his head and looked down at the hay. He knew.” (Steinbeck 94). Despite the fact that Candy understands that Lennie was a good person, Lennie had actually ruined his part of the “dream”. Sweet was dissatisfied that he wouldn’t get to work at a little vegetable patch and live off the land. Other individuals wished to hurt Lennie, yet only to assist Curley. For this, Lennie has put himself in a pickle. Many people state that it wasn’t best to shoot Lennie, though.

Most people say that it wasn’t right since of the reason that George was tired of Lennie doing foolish things. “George?” Yeah, what ya want.” Where we goin’, George?” (Steinbeck 4). Lennie is like a kid, he requires to be taken care of. George is somewhat fed up with him forgetting when and a while and getting into trouble, however ultimately he grew attached to him. That is why he was thinking twice to shoot him at the end. “George, you desire I ought to go away and leave you alone.” (Steinbeck 12). Lennie could not look after himself out there worldwide alone.

That is why George stuck with him the entire method, since he cared about Lennie and his safety. Therefore, George truly didn’t wish to harm him and why he sticks with him: even if he was an annoyance to him. George eliminated Lennie since of his getting in excessive trouble and individuals wishing to injure him. George just appreciated Lennie’s security which nobody, including himself, would ever mess with him once again. He thought and took care of him like family. They would have gone through anything together. But that didn’t look like it would ever take place. For that reason he wound up needing to eliminate him.

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