Of Mice and Men: True Friendship

Of Mice and Male: True Relationship

What identifies a friendship? Is it figured out by just fraternizing one another, or is it more than that? Does it suggest sticking with each other through all the adversity, compromising for one another, and even moreover? In the unique Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck, Lennie and George, 2 hardworking workers, stay together throughout the whole book. Throughout the period of the novel, The Great Depression, no one looks out for anybody but themselves, in such lost times. It is considered a period in which individuals might not offer themselves, so assisting somebody else out was undoubtfully extinct.

However George disregards this concept and stays with Lennie to protect him, and this is only one of the generous acts that George does. When thinking about George and Lennie, George is a pal to Lennie through the sacrifices he makes, keeping his pride up and never leaving his side. George resembles a buddy to Lennie since he makes numerous sacrifices so he can look out for him. Throughout the Great Depression, when essentially whatever was lost, many people would never even think of anyone but themselves, which looks like the book since every character in the book is only keeping an eye out for themselves.

Although Lennie and George are different in the sense that they take care of each other. An example of the sacrifices he makes is when George was ticked about Lennie doing something that George particularly told him not to do. After he went on to state, “If I was alone I would live so simple. I would go get an’ job, an’ no trouble. I might take my fifty dollars and enter into town whenever I want” (Steinbeck 11). This quote shows that George understands the reality that he could be in a better scenario then he is at the moment. George could leave Lennie whenever he selects to and would live a much better life.

This prices quote significance is that it reveals that George had, and still has, a possibility to live a better life if he left Lennie. But he chooses to stay with him throughout because he knows that Lennie would not have the ability to endure on his own, which demonstrates how much George gives up for him. Compromising for another person throughout this time duration is such a rarity, due to the economic chaos land the selfishness that walks around. George doing what he does strengthens that he can put another person first, even in such a crisis. George likewise shows relationship with Lennie by never leaving his despite ll the trouble he triggers for the both of them. In reality, it is thought about doubtful to be successful in finding a “true” pal, one that sticks to you through anything. Discovering such a buddy would be hard enough to do in today’s world not to mentioned the novels time period. But Lennie is successful in this notion. An example from this book of George sticking with Lennie through bumpy rides is when Steinbeck discussed how Lennie pulled on a female’s gown in Weed and that got him in difficulty, and George was discussing how they narrowly left.

George stated, “They ran us out of Weed for that … they was lookin’ for us, but they didn’t catch us” (7 ). Lennie has and probably will get in dilemmas with bad repercussions. George knows that he might put himself in a bad situation from simply being around Lennie which he might simply abandon him in his time of wrongful doing, but he does not. This reveals that, although George could choose to have a more tranquil life without Lennie, he stays with him. A life of constant supervision or peace is right in his hands, however instead of choosing the easy way out, he selects to assist Lennie through his mistakes.

He feels that it is his responsibility to look after him and also he understands that Lennie suggests well, however he can put himself in bad predicaments extremely quickly by just saying or doing the wrong thing. A last example of George revealing his friendship with Lennie is by George always keeping his pride up in front of others. Particularly during the Depression, individuals would just do what was best for them, not caring about how others are affected. On the other hand, George constantly attempts to enhance Lennie’s appearance in front of others.

For instance, when George is talking with in charge on the cattle ranch, and the boss asks about Lennie, George responses, “he’s sure as hell a good employee. Strong as a bull” (Steinbeck 22). He later went on to state, “He’s my cousin. He got kicked in the head by a horse when he was little. He’s awright. He just ain’t brilliant, however he can do whatever you tell him” (22 ). This quote shows that George is keeping up Lennie’s status in front of everybody despite the fact that it is not constantly precise. George understands if he talks the reality, they would decline Lennie.

This quote is substantial since it demonstrates how much George takes care of Lennie. He does not desire anybody to judge or make the most of him, so he said what he needed to say. In a time where any sort of assistance is luxury, many everybody would get on the opportunity of making the most of the innocent minded, which represents Lennie. However George declines to let him go through any difficulty, which is why he did what he did. So exactly what figures out a relationship? George fits precisely into this description through him being able to tolerate what ever trouble that Lennie causes, and staying with him throughout the book.

Lots of people will state that if George was such a friend to Lennie, then why did he kill him at the end? Well lots of people do not recognize that George did this to put Lennie out of his suffering from getting in trouble constantly and after that facing dire effects, which includes running for his life. The relationship concept that I have explained is essential due to the fact that if we do not recognize what it truly indicates and use it to daily life, then it will just cause problem and suffering.

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