Of Mice and Men – The Right Thing To Do

Of Mice and Males– The Right Thing To Do

Eliminating in today’s society is not viewed as a need and even” the right thing to do” and in fact is punishable by law. However in the book Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck wrote in a method to make eliminating considered as a good thing. There were lots of occurrences leading up to Lennie’s death, some, more predictable then others. As the book began one checked out how Lennie and George were poor guys on the run. They had been chased after out of their last tasks due to the fact that of Lennie. Because Lennie was not able to manage himself, he decided to grab a hold of a girl’s velvet dress, only to stress when she started to shriek.

This lead Lennie to rip her gown and cause her to cry rape. As the town of Weed looked for the so-called rapist the kids were forced to hide in an irrigation ditch till nightfall. In this event Steinbeck had the ability to show how George was devoted to Lennie by not leaving his side and even just sending out Lennie off on his own. This narrative let the readers see just how loyal George genuinely was to Lennie. One other thing this short part of the story also revealed the readers, was how difficult it was for George to take care of Lennie.

It likewise let the readers see simply how mentally sluggish Lennie really was. By shooting Lennie did George also conserve himself? Steinbeck makes it seem that if George had actually not killed Lennie that the other cattle ranch workers would most likely turn versus George. They would most likely thing that perhaps even George was in on the killing of Curley’s spouse. Steinbeck shows this when Curley’s’ partner’s body was discovered by George and Slim. They knew they needed to tell someone about her death however were frightened how too.

Understanding that Lennie had eliminated her, George relied on Slim and asked him to provide George a minute to discover run so the other workers wouldn’t believe that he was involved. This revealed the readers that George was always getting blamed and felt guilty for all of Lennie’s actions. The last incident that lead the readers to think that eliminating Lennie was the only ideal thing to do, was the incident in between Sweet and his old canine. Sweet was an old male with an even older pet. He had actually raised the pet from a pup and it was his buddy.

Sweet had actually taught the dog whatever and the pet dog, being devoted to Candy, followed him all over. All the other employees complained about the dog’s smell and informed Candy to put the pet dog out of his torment, for the dog might barely move and was suffering. Sweet might not bring himself to shoot his dear old good friend and agreed to let Carlson shot his pet. When the shots were spoken with afar Candy clinched with pain. As he knew being the faithful owner that he was, he needs to have shot his own dog out of regard. This let the readers now that when George shot Lennie, it was not out of anger or vengeance, but rather out of respect.

George understood that if wouldn’t have actually been the one to shoot Lennie that Curley would have had no issue. For Curley had stated if he was to capture Lennie he would shoot him right in the gut, among the slowest and most agonizing deaths. So in a manner George saved Lennie with a fast and tranquil death. In today’s society would it be essential to eliminate Lennie? Or what about in the 1920’s? In reality Killing would not have actually been essential or perhaps rational, however in books anything is possible and the reader is constantly right.

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