Of Mice and Men: The Failure of the American Dream

Of Mice and Guy: The Failure of the American Dream

The country had seen one of the biggest spending sprees in the nineteen twenties and the following years the results were crashing down on the nation. People were losing everything that they owned and starving. The American Dream is defined as “The American Dream is “that imagine a land in which life ought to be much better and richer and fuller for everybody, with chance for each according to ability or achievement.” (What Is the American Dream)

Since of that, it seemed like the American Dream was dead and there was never ever a better unique to illustrate it than Of Mice and Men. George and Lennie, the co protagonist of the book, desire the American Dream, however because few people think in its attainability, few are shocked when they disappoint its accomplishment.

To comprehend how the American Dream is revealed to be unattainable in the unique Of Mice and Men, it should be understood. There are numerous meanings of the American Dream. According to Merriam Webster’s “an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity; also: the prosperity or life that is the awareness of this suitable.” (Merriam Webster).

The other part of that materialistic concept is that if one works hard enough, he/she can accomplish absolutely anything. George and Lennie have a dream that entirely embodies the concept of the American Dream. They are two guys who are migrant workers during the Great Depression who have an imagine owning their own farm. The real ownership of the farm is just a little part of the dream. The fact that they will not be owned by another person is the appeal of the dream.

All kin’s a vegetable in the garden, and if we want a little whisky we can sell a few eggs or something, or some milk. We ‘d jus’ live there. We ‘d belong there. There would not disappear runnin’ round the nation and gettin’ fed by a Jap cook. No, sir, we ‘d have our own place where we belonged and not sleep in no bunk home. (Steinbeck p. 63)

Because of their scenario of being migrant workers, every aspect of their lives were dictated by their manager. Their requirement for money to survive, set them up for ownership as if they were servants. George understood this more than Lennie. Lennie brought innocence to the dream. He wanted nothing more than to tend the rabbits because petting soft things brought him pleasure.

He did not care about materialism or having control of his life. Satisfaction of the minute was his objective for life and the American Dream took on its purest form through him. They advise themselves daily of this dream. Lennie asks for George to tell him the story although he knows it as if hearing it will make it so. George informs it as if each time he informs it the dream will end up being increasingly more real. Yet they are going after an illusion.

The characters have actually made it through on the planet so far since of their belief that the American Dream is alive and well. George and Lennie can not think of that their effort will not pay off in the end. Society had actually informed kids for generations that hard work would take an individual to the top of society and many times it did.

Then came the Great Depression and everything changed. Individuals worked hard and they did what they believed was right, however at that time it did not take them anywhere but backwards. George and Lennie try to conserve, but it takes every penny to endure. Once they satisfy Sweet, who uses to include cash to the cause, they understand that with the cash they have coming, they will be able to have their dream, but simply as it was time to make their purchase, catastrophe strikes.

Their work has gotten them no place. It appears throughout the book that the dream is not attainable. From the occurrence in weed to the killing of the young puppy, everything that George and Lennie do winds up becoming a catastrophe. It is apparent that the dream of the farm will be too. As George states:

“-I think I knowed from the extremely first. I think I understood we ‘d never do her. He usta like to find out about it so much I got to believing maybe we would” (103 ).

The unattainable American Dream is not limited to George and Lennie and that is symbolic that most people will not attain it. There are other characters who likewise have their American Dream squashed. Curly’s spouse had an imagine fame and fortune. She likewise wants to be enjoyed. She married a man who was to acquire his father’s farm and he appeared to want her, however after she weds him, she recognizes that he only appreciates himself.

She does whatever in her power to get his attention because of her need. He is jealous of other men, but not since of the love for his spouse. Love, marital relationship, and producing a family becomes part of the American Dream and all Curly and his wife have is the legal part of the institution. The dream that she imagined did not emerge with her marital relationship which left her lonely and looking for the attention of other males.

“If I catch any one male, and he’s alone, I get along great with him. However just let 2 of the men get together an’ you will not talk. Jus’ absolutely nothing however mad. You’re all frightened of each other, that’s what. Ever’ one of you’s frightened the rest is goin’ to get something on you” (85 ).

Scoundrels desires his part of the American Dream where all guys will be equal and he thinks that he gets near to this the night Lennie and Candy wind up in his room and share the dream of the farm with him. It does not take long for him to need to face the truth that there is no equality on the planet.

George and Lennie show that the American Dream is unattainable. To obtain it one’s life would be ideal and there is no perfection on the planet. There are always going to issues and challenges in life and this makes the dream just that; a dream. Obviously the American Dream has actually ended up being less of a reality in this nation since the beginning of the Great Depression, however it was really just a dream from the start.

There were always people who appeared to accomplish it, yet underlying issues were constantly present. George and Lennie prove that problems will always concern the surface area.

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