Of Mice and Men – The American Dream

Of Mice and Male– The American Dream

In John Steinbeck’s unique, “Of Mice and Male,” the “American Dream” was that of flexibility and independence for George and Lennie. The American Dream will not work for the 2 of them. George has an absence of responsibility for the actions that Lennie does. George isn’t rigorous on Lennie like he should, which permits Lennie to do anything he wants and get away with it. Lennie was not the most intelligent of the two, but that doesn’t provide him the authority to do bad things and not have any consequences afterwards. If George wanted to keep his jobs before, he ought to have been more rigorous on Lennie and disciplined him when Lennie remained in the incorrect. George’s absence of obligation was among the crucial reasons that the American dream didn’t work.
In the novel, you see that George is accountable for Lennie, but you likewise see that George is not taking duty of Lennie’s unpredictable behavior. Because Lennie is notas wise as he ought to be at his age, George actions in so that he can look after him, like a stepparent to his/her stepchild. Nevertheless, as a moms and dad you are responsible for the habits that your kid jobs, and it is your duty to fix them. Well, George did half of that. He would care for Lennie and supply Lennie with his essential products for life, but he would not take duty for the actions that Lennie made. If George was more rigorous on Lennie, then the majority of the occurrences that Lennie started would not have actually occurred. For instance, on page 7 of the novel, Of Mice and Guy, Lennie was left alone without any supervision and he touched a women dress and kept it when she got upset. If George had actually been near Lennie and watching on him, none of that would have occurred and they would still have their jobs. George’s absence of responsibility towards Lennie lead him to gain a mindset of defeat.
This attitude that George was revealing was an attitude of defeat. George thought that Lennie will never get any much better and always be a huge concern on him. That sensation eventually gets Lennie eliminated. Having a mindset of defeat will cause you to get no where in life and do things that you do not want to do. Due to the fact that George felt that method, he got no where in life within the book and lost his buddy throughout the effects. A beat mindset is such an attitude problem to have. When you feel beat, whatever that you are pursuing will soon deplenish similar to it provided for George. Since George couldn’t handle his defeated feelings he killed Lennie which terminated the American Dream.
Due to the fact that Lennie was killed, the entire dream broke down. Lennie was the primary adherent who kept the dream alive when George felt defeated and doubtful. He was also a primary factor for why the dream was even put in location. Lennie would continuously pester George into informing him about, the American Dream?, over and over again. It was not due to the fact that he was absent-minded, however due to the fact that he wished to become aware of the parts where he would actually work that he liked to do. If Lennie is not there to ask George to restate the dream, then Geroge might forget. Another reason why the death of Lennie cause the dream to not work was since of his pay. Given that Lennie is dead he would not have the ability to work and receive pay, which may hinder the possibilities of George being able to get the rest of the cash for the dream. The dream is ended and will never be able to take place.
The American Dream will not work for Lennie and George. It will not work for them since of the lack of duty by George, George’s defeated attitude, and the death of Lennie. All of these reasons ended The American Dream and left George alone at the end of the book. The American dream will not work and is impossible for George and Lennie to reach.

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