Of Mice and Men Reflection

Of Mice and Guy Reflection

January 28, 2008 “Of Mice and Male” Essay In John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Male”, George was justified to eliminate Lennie since he just wanted to do what was finest for Lennie. Given that the beginning of the story, the reader is presented to Lennie and George; however most importantly the reader was introduced to their relationship. Lennie and George’s relationship might be compared to Sweet and his canine’s relationship. The relationship that they share is a needy relationship.

Sweet can not picture himself not needing to take care of his canine the same method that George can not imagine himself not having to take care of Lennie. In return, Lennie can not envision himself without having George there. With this in mind, the reader has a much better understanding as to why George killing Lennie was warranted since he had best intentions in mind for Lennie. As Soon As Candy and George discovered Curley’s better half’s dead body, they already understood that Lennie should have been the individual that eliminated Curley’s wife.

Sweet and George began to talk, there in the barn, about what they were going to do. George stated, “Guess … we got ta tell the … guys. I guess we got ta get ‘im ‘an lock ‘im up. We can’t let ‘im escape. Why, the poor bastard ‘d starve,” (91 ). Candy reacts that Curley would get Lennie lynched or killed so it ‘d be best if they ‘d let Lennie go. Lastly George informs Sweet to go and tell the guys so they don’t believe that he has anything to do with the murder of Curley’s better half. George returns from the bunkhouse and the guys were at the barn looking at Curley’s wife.

Everyone’s instinct reaction was to think that Lennie did it. Carlson comes running in after them shouting that Lennie had taken his weapon. Then Curley proves Candy right when he said, “Do not shoot ‘im? He’s got Carlson’s Lugger. ‘Course we’ll shoot ‘im,” (95 ). So the hunt for Lennie begins and the men want George with them; but George stray’s away and gets to Lennie first. Then George informs Lennie that he’s not mad and he informs him the story that he likes to her about how they are going to live off of the fat of the land.

However the males begin getting close and prior to George surfaces, he shoots Lennie in the back of the head. What George did was an act of love. It is not seen by lots of. If George would have let the guys get to Lennie Lord knows the quantity of things they could have done to torture him. While George would simply have to sit back and enjoy because there is very little somebody his size could do. So George did what Sweet was sorry for that he did not do; which was to do the task himself out of regard and love for the other.

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