Of Mice and Men: My Impression of Curley’s Wife

Of Mice and Guy: My Impression of Curley’s Better half

Of Mice and Men: In a letter, John Steinbeck composed of Curley’s better half: ‘She’s a good girl and not a floozy.’ Talk about and discuss your own impression of Curley’s partner. Curley’s wife is simply a girl looking for attention, feeling the only method she can get it is if she throws herself at the men around the cattle ranch. In all sincerity, Curley needs to offer her more attention than she might ever want, nevertheless, in the 1930s things were a lot different to how they are now for women.

Curley’s better half gives off the impression that she is a floozy and a very flirtatious lady throughout the entire book. For example, when she leans her body versus the pole “So her body was thrown forward.” This recommends that she is aiming to make all the males in the bunk home admire her female beauty, considering that her other half won’t. Likewise she talks extremely playfully towards the males around the ranch, which illustrates that she looks for some enjoyable and enjoyment, which she is clearly not getting from Curley. This is why she questions somewhere else.

An example of this playfulness is when she states “If he ain’t, I think I better go look some place else,” You might think that she is discussing looking for Curley, but in truth, this symbolises her trying to find other sexual pleasures, with the other guys. The character of Curley’s partner shows a horrible mean streak with her bigotry towards Crook’s in one of the chapters. Criminal’s makes it clear that he does not have the desire to talk with her, leading to a really severe danger towards him “Well you can keep your trap shut then, Nigger.

I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny” are the exact words she uses in the novel. This not only demonstrates that she is infuriated by the truth that nobody wishes to speak to her, but it likewise reveals the horrific racism that went on in the 1930’s, both Curley’s other half and Scoundrel’s understand that him having dark skin means the first sight of difficulty and he will be abandoned or even worse, eliminated. Individuals with dark skin were treated like dirt in those days, Criminal’s was absolutely nothing more than a tool, an animal, a disgrace!

Curley’s better half desperately wants someone to share discussion with and she feels extremely lonesome and separated, however, this is no excuse to be so prejudice against Crooks in my viewpoint. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the character of Curley’s partner. I feel a few of her actions are really unneeded and she should keep herself to herself, as appose to attempting to flirt with all the males and going behind her partner’s back.

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