Of Mice And Men: Mini-critique

Of Mice And Male: Mini-critique

John Steinbeck was born in Salinas California on February 27, 1902. His mom was a school instructor in the public school in Salinas. Steinbeck matured in the beautiful Salinas Valley which provided the majority of the product for his novels. His mother read to him, at an early age, popular literature of the world which planted a seed in his creativity. He entered Stanford in 1920, remaining there up until 1925 however never ever finishing. In 1930 Steinbeck married Carol Henning.

Steinbeck passed away in 1968. After college, Steinbeck relocated to New york city, where he worked briefly for he old New York American paper and aided with the building and construction of Madison Square Garden. His first book, Cup of Gold (1929 ), appeared 2 months before the stock exchange crash and offered about fifteen hundred copies. Steinbeck went back to California, living in migrant employee camps to provide inspiration for writing books that explained the issues and stresses of the times.

Of Mice and Guy takes place during the terrific depression in the Salinas Valley, California. It is a story about 2 farm-hands, George Milton and his large slowed down good friend, Lennie Small. George and Lennie are on their way to a arm that has harvesting jobs readily available. While camped along side a river George and Lennie speak about their imagine sooner or later owning a farm with rabbits for Lennie to look after. The next day George persuades the farm boss to work with Lennie and him.

Lennie’s Love for feeling soft things ends up being an issue when he is having fun with a puppy and unintentionally eliminates it. The other half of Curley, in charge’s son, enters into the barn to talk with Lennie. The climax comes when Curley’s other half lets Lennie feel her hair, however he strokes it too hard and she ends up being frightened. Lennie holds her securely to keep her from shrieking and ends up reaking her neck. The resolution of the story takes place when George shoots Lennie through the back of the head. George does this for Lennie’s own excellent.

The primary theme of the story is that, no matter how lowly on the social scale, everyone has the unalienable right to pursue their private dreams. While the value of relationship is another strength that comes through in the book. Magill, Frank N. “Of Mice and Men” Masterpieces of American Literature. Harper Collins Publishers, 1993.” [Of Mice and Guy] is perhaps the finest expression of the authors long-lasting sympathy for abused typical people. Roberts, James L. Cliffs Notes on Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Guy.

Lincon, Nebraska: Cliffs Notes Inc., 1966. “Part of Steinbeck’s success depends on his capability to catch [the] tone of standard reality.” Of Mice and Men is based entirely on the occasions that took place in the Salinas Valley during the fantastic anxiety. The story accurately reveals what life was like amongst the majority of people just trying to endure. John Steinbeck actually lived as a migrant employee during the depression, this is how he handled to so honestly represent the lives of individuals who were simply making every effort to make their lives better.

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