Of Mice and Men – Main Characters

Of Mice and Guys– Main Characters

When George and Lennie reach the bunkhouse at the farm where they will work, an old man called Candy shows them their beds and informs them that in charge was angry that they didn’t appear the night prior to. George and Lennie were late due to the fact that the bus motorist who brought them near Soledad dropped them off numerous miles away from the cattle ranch. The one in charge concerns George and Lennie and finds them suspicious due to the fact that George promotes Lennie.

He can not understand why George would take a trip with Lennie up until he describes that Lennie is his cousin. After the boss leaves, his boy, Curley, enters the bunkhouse looking for the boss.Curley is a short male who hates bigger males out of jealousy and insecurity, and has a brand-new other half who everyone suspects betrays. His wife checks out the bunkhouse later that night looking for Curley, and flirts with the other males. Later, Curley returns looking for his better half, and faces George in an effort to begin a fight. After a day of work, the men go back to the bunkhouse. Slim, whose pet had a brand-new litter of pups, gives Lennie one of them.

George admits to Slim that he and Lennie escaped lynching when Lennie was implicated of rape. Carlson complains about Curley’s pet, a decrepit animal that barely survives.He provides to shoot the dog, and after repeated problems, Curley relents, regardless of his obvious dream to keep the pet dog. George grumbles about? tarts’ such as Curley’s Spouse, and when the other males suggest that they go to a whorehouse the next night, George states that he chooses the company of sluts, since there is no opportunity of threat. When George informs Lennie the story about your home that they will have, Candy says that he understands about a readily available home that they might have if the 3 guys pooled their cash. Curley look for his spouse once more, and battles Lennie when he believes that Lennie is making fun of him.Curley punches Lennie a number of times, however Lennie does not resist till George provides him permission.

He squashes Curley’s hand, and does not stop up until George informs him to do so. While the other males are at the whorehouse, Lennie goes to go to Criminals, the black stable buck. Crooks is impolite and contemptuous towards Lennie up until he realizes that Lennie has no ill intent. Criminals makes Lennie understand how alone and separated he would be if George would desert Lennie. Sweet likewise checks out the 2 guys, for they are the only ones left at the ranch.They go over the plan for a little farm, and even Crooks shows some interest. Curley’s Better half sees the three males and, when Criminals tells her that she is not supposed to be in his room, she upbraids them as ineffective cripples and even threatens Crooks with lynching.

However, she reveals that, as the only lady on the ranch, she is lonesome. The next early morning, when Lennie is playing with his new young puppy, he mistakenly eliminates it when he bounces it too hard. Curley’s Other half finds him in the barn with the dead young puppy, and when she enables him to feel how soft her hair is, he manages her too forcefully.When she yells, Lennie covers her mouth and, as she tries to have a hard time free from his grasp, he snaps her neck. When Lennie leaves the cattle ranch, Sweet and George find the body and right away understand that Lennie eliminated her. Candy alerts the other men, and Curley forms a party to search for Lennie. Curley plans to murder him.

In the interim, George steals Carlson’s weapon, leading the other men to believe that Lennie really took it before he got away. George, who points Curley and the other males in the wrong instructions, finds Lennie in the brush where he told him to address the beginning of the novel.Lennie has been having hallucinations of a huge rabbit and his Aunt Clara; they alert Lennie that George will be upset at him for eliminating Curley’s Other half which he has actually lost the possibility of having a home with a bunny hutch. George starts to tell Lennie about their prepare for a home and the bunny hutch when he shoots Lennie in the back of the head with Carlson’s gun. Upon hearing this, the other males find George and Lennie. George informs them that Lennie had taken the weapon and he shot Lennie when he got the gun back from him.

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