Of Mice and Men – Lenny and George

Of Mice and Male– Lenny and George

The novel “Of Mice and Men,” happens in Soledad, California. The 2 main characters George Milton and Lennie Small are two migrant workers with the objective that some day they will raise sufficient cash to buy a piece of land with a rabbit hutch. George appears to be amusing and sensible. My impression of George was that he was really stringent. However in time I got a clearer variation of him. George had assured his auntie Clara that he would look after the magnificent and strong Lennie who is infantile. Lennie’s childish habits makes him interested by soft things, thus the rabbit hutch. However the truth that he is unable to control his huge strength it gets him into a lot of problems. Nonetheless, Lennie is a great individual that never ever wishes to hurt an individual nor enter into trouble. An example of Lennie’s behaviour is when among the people at the new cattle ranch attacks Lennie and implicates him of laughing at him.
“Begin, ya huge bastard. Get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gon na make fun of me. I’ll reveal ya who’s yella.”
He slashed at Lennie with his left, and after that smashed down his nose with a right.
“George,”he cried.
“Make ‘um let me alone, George.”
The book begins with the two of them walking towards the next ranch. They have just recently left the previous cattle ranch since Lennie had actually been wrongly accused for raping a woman, while he was touching her soft dress.
Of Mice Of Guy is one of those books that actually records you. When I started to read this book the very first couple of pages didn’t attract me. As soon as the characters are represented the book gets more interesting. The reality that Steinbeck doesn’t distribute the personalities of the characters right now makes us want to find out more and find out more about them. He does not explain the characters literately but lets us judge them on the basis of the dialogues. As I went on reading I got more and more involved along with stating sympathy for the characters. The way the author selects to explain different situations practically has us readers paint up an image in our brains. He paints up such a vibrant picture that it makes one seem like a spectator viewing all of it take place. His skilful method to state the characters word by word to show the slang, made it an experience. In addition to this it makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the book.
My analysis of this book is that Steinbeck was attempting to get us acquainted with the meaning of “love”. We read books, listen to music and watch movies that mostly have the exact same style- “love”. However this time it is different. When I hear the word love I instantly think about two individuals that are in love. Most likely because that’s the most typical sort of love revealed and possibly the type of love that gets the most attention. But, that’s not the love Steinbeck was informing us about. He wrote about the type of love that we hardly ever express. The love that we show our friends and family. It’s the love that we frequently consider given. Lennie and George are primarily arguing throughout the book. While I was reading it never struck me that the 2 of them enjoyed each other. It was more like they were stuck to each other. I presumed that George was miserable with his life. He constantly uttered his frustration about needing to look after Lennie. He also discussed how his life would have resembled if he hadn’t guaranteed his auntie Clara to take obligation for Lennie. However, I never ever doubted George’s love towards Lennie. Yet, it wasn’t till page 102, where George for when didn’t specify his dissatisfaction when Lennie makes yet another mistake, we see the love that they have for each other.
“Ain’t you gon na give me hell?”
“Give ya hell?”
“Sure, like you constantly done prior to. Like ‘If I di ‘n’ t have you I ‘d take my fifty bucks–‘”
“Jesus Christ, Lennie! You can’t remember nothing that happens but you remember ever’ word I say”.
Although Lennie’s mental disruption that made him not comprehend some things in the world, he still comprehended the regards to love. It was this part that made me recognize how much Lennie appreciates George. The reality that George’s sayings stuck Lennies mind shows a sign of respect and love. It never struck me what the author was trying to inform till this part. However as I pointed out earlier, this was the way Steinbeck made me wish to continue reading. Of Mice And Guy is not a book I would advise to any ages. It didn’t contain difficult vocabulary that disrupted the reading however Steinbeck’s implicit writing can be hard for novices. Those who recognize with implicit composing have an emotional experience ahead of them.

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