Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck : How does the killing of candy’s dog relate to the killing of Lennie? What were the similarities between them? What was the reason for killing?

Of Mice and Guy, John Steinbeck: How does the killing of sweet’s canine relate to the killing of Lennie? What were the similarities in between them? What was the factor for killing?The killing of Sweet’s pet dog was connected to when George eliminated Lennie in several ways. Firstly, both the pet dog and Lennie were weak, and killed as soon as they became useless to the society. Likewise, the pet dog was Candy’s friend, and Lennie was George’s pal. In both cases, Slim saw the deaths as grace killings. The last resemblance was that both Sweet and George felt lonely after the death of their companions. The distinction was that Carlson killed the pet for self-centered reasons, while George eliminated Lennie out of mercy. This was how the killing of the pet relates to the killing of Lennie. The society wished both Lennie and the pet dead as soon as they were no longer helpful to it. The pet dog was stinky and old, therefore it became unwanted by the society. Carlson said “God awmighty, that dog stinks. Get him outta here, Sweet! I do not know nothing that stinks as bad as an old canine. You got ta get him out.”( Pg. 45). This revealed that although he was probably aware of the reality that the pet was Candy’s buddy, he did not care. He just cared about his own interests, which were to get rid of an old animal that was useless to him. This revealed his self-centeredness, and considering that Carlson represented the society, it also showed how reluctant the

society was to comprehend its own vice. Slim said”He’s all stiff with rheumatism. He ain’t no excellent to you, Sweet. An’he ain’t no great to himself. Why ‘n’ t you shoot him, Candy?”(Pg. 45 ). This showed that Slim views this as a mercy killing. He wanted the dog dead for its own great, not to please his selfish desires. Because Slim was the god-like character in the novel, he also conveyed the author’s views on the topic. This revealed that the author saw that killing the dog with grace was a good idea. He also contrasted Slim wishing to kill the pet for grace to Carslon killing the pet dog for self-centered reasons.

This revealed that even though the society tended to conceal killing things as if they did it for grace. Nevertheless in reality, typically society killed things for self-centered reasons. The canine was essential to Sweet since he was old, weak and lonely. He was declined by the society because he had a damaged hand and this made him weak and useless to it. The canine was his buddy, and when it was eliminated he lost among the most crucial things he had. He has actually known the dog for several years, and perhaps he could have associated it with good memories of the past.

Also, he did not have much of a future to anticipate. Therefore, the pet dog was basically all he had. In a manner, the dog gave Candy a sense of hope. When Carlson proposed to kill the pet dog, Candy stated “No. I could not do that. I had’ em too long. “(Pg. 45). This revealed that Sweet valued the canine a lot, and to take it far from him would destroy him. Lennie was very important to George due to the fact that he gave him hope and obligation. Various times George stated, “We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that offers a damn about us

. We don’t need to sit in no bar room blowin ‘in our jack jus’due to the fact that we got no place else to go. If them other people gets in prison they can rot for all anybody offers a damn. However not us. “(Pg. 15 ). This implied that while the other ranch hands had nothing to anticipate, George and Lennie had a future planned. Likewise, George was accountable for Lennie. Since Lennie was not able to look after himself, it was George’s task to do so, however he was more mindful with himself as an outcome of that. Instead of going to whorehouses and bars he conserved their money for their dream, which

was to “live off the fatta the lan ‘, i. e. purchase their own cattle ranch. Lennie and George knew each other for a long time, just like Sweet and his pet dog. This sufficed time for them to establish trust. Lennie trusted George completely. This was shown when Scoundrels asked what would occur to him if George never ever came back and Lennie said,”He will not do it. George would not do nothing like that. I been with George a very long time. He’ll come back this evening.”(Pg. 71). Lennie was absolutely sure George would not abandon him, so this revealed the depth of their relationship. In both Sweet’s canine’s and Lennie’s cases, the author was also attempting to show that whatever was useful to someone, even if it was considered useless by the general society. The society, nevertheless, turned its blind eye on the needs of others, particularly those who were rejected. The killing of Sweet’s pet dog deepened his isolation, just as the killing of Lennie absolutely ruined George. Given that the pet was Sweet’s best friend, its death was drastic to him. Candy was declined by the society because he was old and had only one arm. He was ineffective to it; therefore they did not appreciate his sensations. Likewise, since he was weak no one cared about him and he could not do anything about it. A more powerful person like Slim had the respect of everybody and this required the society to listen to them. Candy was deeply saddened by this, and this was shown when he said”You seen what they done to my canine tonight? They say he wasn’t no great to himself nor no one else.” (Pg. 60 ). Then he stated” When they can me here I wanted someone ‘d shoot me. However they won’t do anything like that. I will not have no location to go an’I can’t get

no more tasks.”(Pg. 60 ). This revealed that Candy was hopeless and had no place to go. Without his dog, he was now alone. The killing of Lennie totally ruined George. Lennie was his source of hope, considering that he was accountable for Lennie’s well being. Lennie’s presence stopped him from going to “cathouses”and squandering all his cash. This made him conserve money to purchase the ranch, which was their dream. This likewise offered George a sensation that paradise could become reached. By shooting Lennie, he lost all this. Now he had no hope, and he no longer had somebody to always be with him. He took a trip with Lennie for psychological assistance too. Most people were alone and feared each other, while Lennie and George stood up for each other. When George eliminated Lennie, he was alone, without any buddies to be there to support him. This made him feel deserted after the killing. Finally, George’s dreams were shattered and a person is worthless without hopes or a dreams. As soon as a person ended up being hopeless, their purpose of life vanished and they simply existed in a pointless world. For that reason one might argue that by eliminating Lennie, George likewise sacrificed himself. His own life was shattered, and his future was clouded with unpredictability. He now became alone, like Candy. The distinction between the two killings were that Candy’s pet was eliminated for private, selfish reasons, while Lennie was eliminated for mercy. Carlson shot Sweet’s pet dog due to the fact that he was revolting, old and worthless to the society. This was shown when he stated”God awmighty, that canine stinks. Get him outta here, Sweet! I do not know absolutely nothing that stinks as bad as an old dog. You got ta get him out. “(Pg. 45 ). The dog, in reality, was old and worthless to society. Carlson saw the pet dog only through his viewpoint so he desired it

dead. He had no compassion for the canine and prices quote” He ain’t no excellent to himself.” (Pg. 45) To make an impression that he shoots the pet out of empathy. In truth he could care less. For that reason, the canine was aimed for selfish reasons. On the other hand, George killed Lennie for grace. If Curley were to find Lennie, he would shoot him in the guts, which was a very agonizing way to pass away. Curley was infuriated and had no sensations for Lennie, so he would have made Lennie suffer prior to death. George understood that, so he wanted to prevent that by eliminating Lennie himself, so he’s guaranteed that Lennie’s death would be quick and painless.

He also wanted Lennie to pass away in joy and hope, rather of scary. At the last scene where he will shoot Lennie, he had him die believing they had the cattle ranch already. When Lennie asked” Let’s do it now. Let’s get that location now.” (Pg. 105 )George reacted by saying” Sure, today. I got ta. We got ta.”( Pg. 105), ensuring Lennie that their hopes were reached. He died thinking they were about to go to their paradise, which was a humane method to die. Likewise, George ensured Lennie he was never ever mad at him. He stated “No, Lennie. I ain’t mad. I never seethed an’I ain’t now. That’s a thing I wanted ya to know

.”(Pg. 104). This guaranteed that Lennie passed away understanding that George has actually constantly been his buddy and that he still was. Lennie did not die alone. Last but not least, before shooting Lennie, George made him look over the hill and informed him” Look down there throughout the river, like you can almost see the location.” (Pg. 104). When he shot him, Lennie was imagining their paradise in front of him, so he basically died facing paradise. In some cultures they buried the dead dealing with paradise, so this was connected to that. All this shows George cared about Lennie instead of just killing him to get out of problem. There was no other way out for

Lennie other than for death, so George needed to kill him. Finally, George was emotionally destroyed after he shot Lennie, so this revealed that he cared a lot about him. For that reason, George killed Lennie for mercy. In conclusion, the killing of Candy’s pet dog is related to the Lennie’s death. The dog’s death also foreshadowed Lennie’s death in the end of the book. It set the style of friendship, intolerance of the society, lost hope and euthanasia. Unlike Lennie’s death, the killing of Candy’s canine was done for selfish reasons. As soon as it ended up being worthless to society, the canine was shot. Lennie, on the other

hand, was still needed for George, but society was all set to do even worse damage to Lennie if George was not to kill him. George eliminated Lennie for grace, and in doing so he likewise damaged himself. Both Candy and George were damaged after the two deaths. Bibliography: Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Guy. Penguin Books: Suffolk. 1994.

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