Of Mice And Men – John Steinbeck

Of Mice And Men– John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, in 1902. He was raised in a fertile agricultural valley about twenty miles from the Pacific Coast. Both the valley and the coast would end up being the setting for a few of his books and narratives. In 1919 he went to Stanford University, where he took literature and writing classes. In 1925 he left the university. He did not achieve a degree before his departure. For the next five years of Steinbeck’s life, he worked as a worker and a journalist in New York City.

Then he worked as a caretaker for an estate in Lake Tahoe. Throughout these 5 years, he was also working on his first novel, Cup of Gold. He then got wed and transferred to Pacific Groove where he published his next 2 books, The Pastures of Heaven and To a God Unidentified. He also dealt with some of his well-known narratives. He got success and financial security with his book Tortilla Flat. This had plenty of stories about Monterey’s paisanos. In 1952, he published East of Eden, a story about the Salinas valley and Steinbeck’s own family history.

The last years of his life were invested in New york city City and Droop harbor with his 3rd partner. Throughout Steinbeck’s life he published twenty-five books. After his death in 1968, 4 more of his books were released. 6 years before his death, John Steinbeck won a Noble Prize. Of Mice and Guy The book Of Mice and Men is about the trials and tribulations of relationship.

Throughout the book, George is constantly telling Lennie that if he were alone he “might live so easy. When Lennie provides his response of leaving, George instantly leaps down Lennie’s throat and advises Lennie that he “was jus’ foolin'” and desires Lennie to remain. The relationship these two characters posses is that of buddies who will be together until the end. Given that George never wants Lennie to go off on his own he obviously cares. George gets Lennie out of various circumstances throughout the length of the book.

When Lennie is implicated of rape, George and him leave town together. When Curley selects a battle with Lennie, George is the one who convinces Lennie to “get? m.” And finally when Lennie unintentionally kills Curley’s spouse, George is the one who puts Lennie out of his torment in order to keep “? im [from] gettin’ lynched” and to save Lennie from the consequences that would quickly follow. The true trials of relationship become apparent throughout the book. It is evident that along with a true friendship comes lots of challenges. Lennie is George’s hardship, but George enjoys him regardless. In the book Of Mice and Guy John Steinbeck uses his characters to create a style of friendship conquering all.

Pals want to go to any lengths for each other, no matter the consequences. In the book, George puts his life on the line a number of times in order to save his companion, Lennie. When Lennie gets himself into difficulty, is constantly best behind to “conserve? im.” Even when George is forced to end Lennie’s life, he comprehends that he “hadda” in order to save Lennie’s soul. There is no step too big for a “true” friend to take for another buddy. Steinbeck made use of the characters George and Lennie to achieve the style of buddies going to any length for each other.

Lennie represents the hardships of relationship. He has the “mind of a kid” and needs somebody “fast” like George to take care of him. The relationship between these two guys is described as that of a “household.” In this book, Steinbeck likewise uses his own special design to produce his style. By the way he shows his characters engaging with one another, the style becomes apparent. He displays George doing anything and everything he can for Lennie, even though he does not get anything out of it.

He also has the 2 characters speak the method the truly would have had it been nonfiction. Steinbeck refers to George and Lennie wanting to “live of da fatta the land.” This expression suggests that the characters were wishing for a life loaded with wealth and luxuries. He achieves an idea of the characters having high expect their future. Of Mice and Guy is book in which many concerns handling the duties of relationship become apparent. The style and characters Steinbeck develops in the story face problems that conclude with reality consequences.

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