Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck

Lennie Small and his buddy, George Milton, were forced to leave their homes since Lennie was accused of raping a woman from another town. The book starts with the 2 of them concealing from the angry townspeople. Lennie tended to kill little, soft animals by accident; he was unaware of his own strength. This repeatedly results in severe issues. Characters Descriptions George Milton– George is small, intelligent, dark of face, has uneasy eyes and sharp, strong functions with every part of him specified. He is a cousin to Lennie and likes him very much. Always needs to bail Lennie out of his troubles.

Lennie Small– Lennie is unnaturally large and has a shapeless face. He drags his feet when he strolls and lets his arms hang. He is mentally retarded and requires George’s continuous attention and care. He has an infatuation with anything soft and furry. He acts impulsively which gets him and George into difficulty various times. Curley– Curley is in charge’s child, and was a welterweight boxer. He was short and stocky, and wore high-heeled boots and spurs to prove he wasn’t a laboring male. He thinks himself superior to everyone.

Candy-He is an old guy that is missing out on a hand. He is an outcast and is iscriminated against. He offers his life savings to George and Lennie to help fund their dream. He wants to be a part of it and reside on the farm with them. He has a good friend and very long time companion, his pet. Sweet hesitates of being alone but he consents to the killing of his pet and wishes he could have eliminated him himself after it is over. Candy represents what will ultimately occur to all cattle ranch hands. They will get old and have no place to go. Sweet is older and has barely any cash to his name. Crooks-Black steady employee. He is injured and is an outcast as well as

Sweet. He belongs of his own and stays there by himself. He doesn’t desire company. He likewise wishes to belong to George and Lennie’s dream. He stated that he would work for free. He gives up on the farm dream when he understands it isn’t going to exercise. He is the only one who understands Lennie, besides George, and befriends him. He looks past Lennie’s mental handicap and Lennie looks past Scoundrels’ physical handicap. Slim-Tall, thin and quiet. Slim is both appreciated and appreciated.

Everyone seeks his approval, even Curley, who appears to have contempt for everybody else n the cattle ranch. The others give into Slim since his word is the law. He is the voice of reason and understanding, and he consoles George after he has actually eliminated Lennie. Slim is the type of male that George hopes to become one day. Carlson- He has a lack of issue for other individuals’s feelings and doesn’t take some time to understand them. He is an insensitive person who cares nothing for others. He pushes for the killing of Candy’s canine and doesn’t understand why George is so upset after he has actually killed Lennie. Carlson is the type of man George wishes to avoid ending up being.

Curley’s wife-There isn’t much understood about her. She isn’t even given a name however referred to as Curley’s wife. She is lonely due to the fact that Curley does not pay much attention to her. This absence of attention from Curley forces her to seek it elsewhere. She flirts with the other cattle ranch hands but they pay her no attention either. She remains in truth the end of George’s and Lennie’s dream. When Lennie eliminates her their dream is forever lost. Boss-There is unfamiliar about him, except that Curley is his child.

He interviews Lennie and George when they initially concern the farm. He becomes uspicious that George is trying to put one over him due to the fact that he won’t let Lennie talk. He thinks that George is going to take Lennie’s pay, he alerts them he has actually seen wise guys prior to. He states that no one can get away with anything. They can’t fool him. He isn’t a reliable person. Plot Summary Chapter One Lennie and George are concealing after getting off a bus that took them from Weed to Soledad. They were required to leave Weed because Lennie was implicated of rape. This was an extremely typical event– not being implicated of rape, however being driven out of when they were. They went from ranch to cattle ranch.

They sit eating and talking about the past and discussing the future– the future where they own a cattle ranch of their own with rabbits and chickens, and where they live off “the fatta the lan’.” They discuss what there strategies are for the next day; they are to go to the ranch and George is to do all the talking. Chapter 2 Lennie and George arrived at the ranch where an old man presented them to their brand-new home. The boss walked in while George and Candy (the old man) are talking. He takes down George and Lennie’s names, where they worked before, and what abilities they have.

George answers each time for Lennie that makes the one in charge curious. He asks George what his interest in Lennie is, believing that George is out to get Lennie’s pay. George informed the one in charge that Lennie had actually been started the head by a horse when he was little, and he had actually informed Lennie’s aunt that he would look after Lennie. When in charge left, Sweet came back in with his pet dog after listening to the discussion through the door. Curley, the one in charge’ boy, can be found in soon after. He saw the two new guys and saw an obstacle– particularly in Lennie. As soon as Curley left, George and Sweet had a conversation about him.

Sweet stated that Curley simply does not like guys who are bigger than him. Curley has been even cockier considering that he got wed. Candy likewise said that Curley’s partner is a bit of a “tart”, and after that he left to go to work. Right after, Curley’s better half went into searching for her hubby. After flirting with George and winning Lennie’s love, she leaves simply as Slim comes in. Slim presents George and Lennie to Carlson. After another short confrontation with Curley the guys went to dinner. Chapter 3 Slim’s pet just had young puppies and George asked if Lennie might have one. Slim said yes.

After dinner Slim and George went back to the bunkhouse and sat down to play a game of cards while the men outside played horseshoes. George told Slim about the occurrence in Weed. Lennie had fulfilled this girl that was using a quite red gown. He likewise had a problem where he has to touch things that he likes, so he innocently got the gown. The lady began yelling since she got terrified which frightened Lennie. He hung on tighter because he did not understand what to do. The lady accused Lennie of rape and the two males had to conceal till nightfall and after that leave town.

Lennie got in the bunkhouse hiding his new pup beneath his coat and George immediately sent him to put it back. Candy and his old canine joined George and Slim and soon Carlson entered, too. Carlson attempted to encourage Candy to shoot his pet dog since it was so old and in consistent discomfort. Sweet finally gave in after numerous minutes of argument but had Carlson shoot and bury the pet. He regretted not shooting his own pet in the future. Criminals poked his head through the bunkhouse door telling Slim that his mule’s hoof was ready to be tarred and Slim left. Numerous minutes later Curley entered the bunkhouse trying to find his spouse.

He was informed that nobody had actually seen her around and was about to leave but he observed that Slim was not there, either. He asked where Slim was and took off after him to the stables, believing that Slim was with his partner. Whit and Carlson who had actually returned from shooting the pet dog followed Curley out, hoping for a fight. George and Lennie forgot that Candy was still there and started discussing their plans for the future. Sweet wanted to join them at their farm however George bewared in the beginning. When Candy stated that he might put in $350 towards buying the farm, their dreams seemed possible.

After the discussion, Slim and Curley strolled in arguing. Slim is tired of being implicated of spending quality time with Curley’s partner. Curley, already in a bad state of mind, saw Lennie smiling and laughing to himself still fantasizing about his rabbit-filled farm, and punches Lennie in the face. Lennie was horrified and tried to block the punches, however Curley strikes him in the nose and stomach. George ordered Lennie to fight back. Lennie got a flying fist and held tight, too terrified to let go, squashing every bone in Curley’s hand. George had to slap Lennie many times in order to get him to let go of Curley’s damaged hand.

Slim got one of the males to get a buggy ready to take Curley to a medical professional, George attempted to encourage Lennie that it was not his fault. Chapter Four Crooks, a cripple and a stable buck, stayed the longest and has numerous ownerships. Criminals is proud and keeps his range from the other workers. When Crooks is rubbing lotion on his back Lennie is available in and smiles wanting to be good friends with him, but Crooks gets angry. Lennie asks him why he is not with the other employees, Crooks states since he is black and the others don’t want to be with him. When Lennie discusses the plans he has with George about a farm with rabbits, Crooks thinks he is crazy.

Scoundrels informs Lennie about how during his youth his family was the only black household in the town. Then Crooks asks Lennie what he would do if George did not come back, and Lennie got scared. Candy comes looking for Lennie, and they all begin talking, when Lennie outlines the plans for the land, Crooks tells him it will never occur. Curley’s better half enters into Scoundrel’s space but all the employees desire her to go home. The guys inform her to leave but she declines, then laughs at Lennie’s idea of land. When Crooks informs her to leave, she threatens him however then leaves, and George comes for Lennie.

Chapter 5 Lennie sat in the barn. He eliminated his young puppy. He attempts to hide it so George does not discover. He snapped and threw the puppy and walked away. Curley’s spouse came into the barnd but Lennie refused to talk to her. She tells him she is lonely and wants somebody to speak with. She fins out the puppy passed away and tells him he could get another one. When Lennie informs her he is not expected to speak with her, she gets angry and asks why not, she will not harm him. Curley’s partner informs Lennie she does not like Curley and dislikes residing on the cattle ranch.

Curley’s better half lets Lennie feel her soft hair, then informs him to let go but he worried, and broke her neck unintentionally. Lennie plans to throw the young puppy away and leaves. Candy discovers Curley’s dead spouse, reveals George. Both understand it was Lennie’s fault. Candy asks George if they would still get the land, however he understands it will not occur. Curley and the rest of the men found Curley’s wife and knew Lennie did it. All the men got together to look for Lennie, planning to shoot him. Chapter 6 Lennie goes to the location George informed him to go to if he entered trouble.

Lennie imagined his Auntie Clara, who scolded him for always entering into trouble and never ever caring about George, who has to look after him. Lennie envisioned a rabbit who informed him that George would eliminate him due to the fact that he is sick of him. George came and when Lennie asked him if he would leave, George says no. When Lennie offers to leave, George declines. George tells Lennie of their prepare for a rabbit farm and tells Lennie to look throughout the river. George puts the gun to the back of Lennie’s head and shoots him. Slim guesses what took place and informs George it had to be done.

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