Of Mice and Men’ Is More Than Just the Tragedy of Lennie; It Shows Th

Of Mice and Guys’ Is More Than Simply the Disaster of Lennie; It Shows Th

The world in the 1930’s was a really unconcerned location. Due to the depression, numerous households were broken up, so solitude was running ramped. Cattle ranch hands were considered the loneliest individuals in the world “Guys like us, that work on cattle ranches, are the loneliest people worldwide” (page 15). Loneliness wasn’t the only kind of sadness and suffering that was withstood by the workers. Lost dreams, discrimination and being disabled were just a few of the problems dealt with. But these were not only limited to workers, ladies also felt these type of sadness and suffering a lot.

In the book, Crooks, Curley’s spouse and Sweet are the primary examples of these. Crooks is a black steady hand who has actually been called Criminals due the hunched back he has after a horse kicked him. In the 1930’s, being black was a severe disadvantaged. You would be discriminated for your colour and this would lead to loneliness. Scoundrels was constantly being blamed for everything that failed although he was barely included. The boss picked on him because of his colour “An’ he offer the steady dollar hell” (page 21) “Ya see the steady bucks a nigger” (page 21).

Candy says this when George and Lennie arrive at the ranch and after Sweet said that Crooks was a nigger, George accepted the one in charge’ treatment of Crooks. Another time Steinbeck discuss Crooks being discriminated was when he writes about the Christmas celebration where Smitty took after Crooks and the males did not stop the fight due to the fact that Criminals was black, but did not enable Smitty to utilize his feet in the battle due to Crooks’ special needs. Crooks has a room to himself since the guys won’t let him into the bunkhouse because he smells. This makes Criminals an extremely lonesome male.

Candy states “Got books in his room” (page 21) as if that is some sort of replacement for the business of another individual. “A person goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody” (page 72) “I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets ill” (page 72). This Crooks method of trying to discuss to Lennie that Lennie is a lucky male to a good friend like George, and he is likewise stating something about his own death to isolation. Curley’s other half experiences almost, if not more sadness and suffering than Crooks. She is discriminated like Crooks, but for a different factor.

She is a female in a man’s work location as George says it “Ranch with a bunch of men on it ain’t no location for a woman” (page 52). This likewise makes her lonely like Crooks, and is constantly attempting to interact with the ranch hands “Ever’ time the guys is around she appears” (page 52). The cattle ranch hands don’t wish to talk to her due to the fact that they believe that a job is much better than none “She’s gon na make a mess” (page 52) “She’s prison bait” (page 52). While the majority of the cattle ranch hands have a dream, so does Curley’s wife. Her dream is a lost dream of becoming a movie star “Coulda been in the films” (page 87).

Her lost dream makes her seem like there is nothing to live for and that is why she wed Curley. Candy’s canine was Candy’s just real buddy. After he enabled Carlson to kill his dog, he losses the only thing that he has actually every truly liked. Sweet feels a great deal of loneliness on the ranch because he is an old handicapped guy. He has no family and after his canine is gone, he has nobody. Because he is handicapped, people take a look at him in a different way to a man who isn’t disabled. He is discriminate since he is look at as a swamper who is nothing more and is not spoken to by many people.

He takes a look at Curley’s other half as a lady who doesn’t know her place, although she is just like him. He has a feeling that he will be sacked soon due to the fact that of his impairment and age “They’ll can me purty quickly” (page 60) so he participates in on the? dream’ of George and Lennie, as a method to escape his loneliness. Loneliness is an inescapable reality of life that not even the strongest can prevent. Throughout the story, Of Mice and Guy, the reader discovers the numerous sources of solitude, mostly being discrimination.

Scoundrels, Candy and Curley’s wife all suffer the previous injustices resulting in isolation and seclusion. They discover to manage their loneliness through their interest in Lennie and George’s relationship. Each of these 3 characters confides in Lennie with the self-confidence that he will not tell. George also, in such a way, confides in Lennie. As Crooks puts it so well “A man can talk with you an’ make certain you will not go blabbin” (page 70). The death of Lennie and Curley’s wife are just a part of the larger picture of unhappiness and suffering in the book.

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