Of Mice and Men: How Does the Writer Create a Memorable Climax in Chapter 5?

Of Mice and Guy: How Does the Author Create a Memorable Climax in Chapter 5?

How Does The Writer Produce A Memorable Climax In Chapter 5? The most intense minute in the Novella ‘Of Mice and Guys’ is when Lennie murders Curley’s Other half in Chapter 5. Although something bad was foreshadowed from the start of the book, it is not until that shocking and moving episode when Lennie accidentally eliminates her, that the reader lastly loses hope of their utopian imagine the farm and the bunnies ever being successful. Chapter 5 begins with a serene description of a ‘lazy’ and ‘warm’ Sunday afternoon.

This peace offers the reader a sense that this could be the peace prior to the storm and that something bad is quickly to happen. It also contrasts drastically with the ‘bad thing’ that Lennie has actually just done being that he killed the young puppy. ‘Now the light was lifting as the sun decreased’ Steinbeck utilizes worthless fallacy to describe the light and this provides a threatening sensation. The ending of the day represents the ending of a life and the reader can sense this In this chapter all of the males are outdoors in the backyard playing a horseshoe video game whilst Lennie is alone in the barn.

The reader can sense that something bad might happen quickly since bad things take place when Lennie is alone. it also advises the reader that he is very childish and counts on George to direct him all the time. ‘Little dead young puppy’ is an indication and a tip of how Lennie does not know his own strength. Another pointer is when Curley’s Partner says ‘An’ if Curley gets difficult, you can break his other hand’ she clearly understands that he’s dangerous and strong however is uninformed as to what level.

The reader can likewise learn that Lennie’s anger is set off by fear; he snaps with the pet dog because he’s frightened of the effects; ‘George aint gon na let me tend no bunnies’ and he inadvertently kills Curley’s partner when he panics that her screams will get him in problem. When Lennie’s anger increases, it is very unexpected and threatening and when he tosses the dead pet, the reader can start to think of what he would be able to do to a human if his mood changed around one.

There are numerous things that foreshadow Curley’s Better half being eliminated such as the girl who used red in Weed. The only colour that is ever used to describe Curley’s wife is red; ‘rouged cheeks and reddened lips’, ‘mules with the red ostrich feathers’ and ‘fingernails painted red’. The reader knows that Lennie likes red so it is simple for them to make a link between the 2 circumstances. Throughout the book, Lennie’s violence increases and the important things he’s injuring are becoming more powerful so it is inevitable that he will quickly kill a human.

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