“of Mice and Men” Has Been Called a Pessimistic Novel. Do You Agree? What Can You Find in the Story That Might Be Called Optimistic or Hopeful?

“of Mice and Male” Has Been Called a Cynical Unique. Do You Concur? What Can You Find in the Story That Might Be Called Positive or Confident?

“Of Mice and Guy” has been called a pessimistic novel. Do you agree? What can you find in the story that might be called positive or confident? I agree with this statement to a point but I do think there are some elements of the story that could be referred to as optimistic or enthusiastic. An example of a pessimistic occasion in the story is the shooting of Sweet’s dog. The idea that the pet dog is old and stinky and ought to therefore be shot as it can no longer carry out a function or function is a really cynical one undoubtedly.

It appears that Steinbeck is suggesting that unless something has an apparent purpose or use it is useless and is much better off not existing. This in turn provides stock to make the reader marvel about the worth and value of their own lives and their purpose. Another example of a cynical element of this story is the way a few of the characters allude to different lifestyle nearly wistfully. For instance Curley’s partner talks repeatedly about her possibility for popularity. I was gon na be in the motion pictures”, she states this consistently, to anybody who listens long enough. She appears to be regretful about how her life played out and nearly wants she did have the chance to be “in the movies”. Another character who appears to do this to a level is George. When he isn’t dreaming about having his own land, he groans about how various his life would lack Lennie. He seems so disappointed with his life and wants something various.

This is quite pessimistic since it shows the much deeper, darker feelings of the characters. It is quite a dismaying thing to check out that much misery and regret among just a few individuals. Nevertheless, there is one primary positive point I feel needs to be made. All the way through the story, whatever the situation, Lennie has a fantastic sense of hope about the farm they dream of owning. He amuses himself endlessly considering this farm and all the wonderful things they’ll be able to do there.

Even when he remains in a dangerous situation (that eventually results in his death) he is happy since he is thinking of his farm, caring for the bunnies and living “offa the fatta the land”. he keeps positive by visualising and concentrating on how fantastic this farm is going to be. He likewise manages to make some of the other characters in the story. He makes George discuss that makes him a lot more favorable and passionate. He lightens the state of mind by making the people he speaks to excite and envision a little piece of paradise they may one day be able to live on.

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