Of Mice and Men – Friendship

Of Mice and Guys– Friendship

Throughout the time of the depression, an author by the name of John Steinbeck wrote an unique called Of Mice and Men. The book’s setting remains in Southern California throughout the exact same period. John Steinbeck shows us that friendship is a valuable thing to have in the unique Of Mice and Men. The book reveals how friendship can get you through hard times and assist you keep going. Two of the characters in the unique called George and Lennie, have a relationship that explains the best friendship in my viewpoint. They are constantly there for each other and always have each others back.

George and Lennie and two really different kinds of individuals. Lennie is mental challenged, but he is a huge guy, and is as strong as an ox. George is smart, a smaller sized built male, and absolutely not as strong as Lennie. George guaranteed Lennie’s aunt that he would take care of Lennie when she past away. That is not the only factor George keeps Lennie around though, you can tell when checking out the book that George actually cares about Lennie. George sometimes says some harsh words to Lennie like,”I could get along so simple and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail.

I could live so simple and maybe have a lady. “( 7) When George states things like that though, he does not state them to try and hurt Lennie’s sensations, I believe he simply gets frustrated at the things Lennie does and how he gets in trouble. George attempts to do things for Lennie also. While dealing with a cattle ranch in Southern California, George asked Slim, who is the master skinner, if Lennie can have among the pups his pet gave birth to. George also assist Lennie get his task on the cattle ranch by utilizing his intelligence and informing the boss,” He can do anything you tell him.

He’s a good skinner, he can rassel grain bags, drive a farmer. He can do anything. Simply provide him a shot. “( 22) Lenny also cares a lot about George, George is perceived as Lennie’s good example. He tries to do things much like George and he does whatever George informs him. One time a bunch of individuals where down by the Sacramento River, and George relied on Lennie and said,”Jump In. “( 40 )

Lennie didn’t understand how to swim and he practically drowned, but he leapt in even if George informed him to. Lennie coulda bust every bone in” Georges body” but Lennie never lifted a finger versus” George. (40) Lennie is likewise really protective of George. One night all the boys on the cattle ranch entered into town except Lennie and Crooks, a black male who is the steady hand. Criminals wished to mess with Lennie and asked him what would he do if George got hurt of killed that night.

This made Lennie really mad that Crooks would even stated that George would get harmed and he informed Crooks,”Ain’t nobody goin’ to suppose no hurt to George. (72 )Lennie believes the world of George and he doesn’t wanted any person even thinking of harming George. The relationship in between George and Lennie in the unique Of Mice and Men, shows how a true relationship needs to go. They were by each other side until the very end and never tricked each other. You can absolutely tell how John Steinbeck used George and Lennie to described a loyal relationship. The other males in the book were mainly about themselves, and didn’t really have anybody.

George and Lennies’ relationship appeared to provide hope and gave them an imagine one day having their own little location together. The relationship assistance both Lennie and George, which I believe would be a valuable thing in contemporary since it looks like a lot of relationship today are simply based on trying to use someone for desire they got. George might of taken advantages of Lennie, but he didn’t since he honestly cared for Lennie. That’s why I believe George and Lennies’ relationship in the novel Of Mice and Guy, is the ideal friendship.

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