Of Mice and Men exposes the harsh realities of a cruel world

Of Mice and Men exposes the extreme truths of a vicious world

‘Of Mice and Men exposes the extreme truths of a cruel world’ Throughout the novella of ‘Of Mice and Males’ the audience is made to prefer Lennie and George to live their ‘American dream’. This concept nevertheless is switched on its head when Steinbeck exposes the severe truths of life in the 1930’s. Practically all the characters are yearning for someone to speak to and live a pleased life with, and all of them remain lonely by the end of the book. Steinbeck does this to plainly outline the loneliness that was experienced in this era. During the depression in the 1930’s when money was tight, farmers had to find work quickly and work for any hours to even sustain a living for themselves. This produces the attitude that everybody had to defend themselves or look for shelter through the kindness of others. These regrettable occasions were displayed throughout the book to show how a harsh, unforgiving world it was. Firstly and most clearly ‘Of Mice and Males’ is most harsh when Crooks and Curley’s better half are constantly mocked for their differences. For Crooks it was since of being the only worker of African-American good, and for Curley’s spouse she was being left out from the primary group due to the fact that of being the only female in the book that is around the workers.

Criminals’ clear approval of his exemption appears when he states, “They play cards in there, but I can’t play because I’m black”. This event in the book reveals that time that this story occurred was a ridiculous, ruthless life to live in if you were different. Curley’s better half was turned down from the group due to the fact that of being the only woman that resides on the ranch. The guys that work on the cattle ranch discover her desperate for attention and someone to speak with. Steinbeck never discusses her name in the book because it is a literature strategy to make the audience understand she does not deserve her own identity.

Also the men do not even use her name, typically calling her mean things, in which showing how the people around us can be so terrible. Many times in “Of Mice and Men”, the employee group declines Lennie since he is intellectually prevented. This occurs when Curley tries to select a fight with Lennie since he thinks that Lennie isn’t extremely strong, and how incorrect he was. Likewise another instance when the farmer group ridicules Lennie is when the all enter into town to the whorehouse and leave Lennie behind. Even George states he doesn’t want to be with him sometimes because he is such an inconvenience to George. “When I believe f the swell time I could have without you, I go nuts”, this quote shows that George is at times quite extreme towards Lennie since he mentally challenged. Also the world is frequently harsh to Lennie when he was chased after out of the town of Weed since he was falsely implicated of rape. It goes to demonstrate how that period wasn’t compassionate and understanding at all of others distinctions. Although the world that “Of Mice and Male” was set in was really extreme, all the guys on the ranch hold the false hope of ‘the American dream’, where they can all one day live happily if they strive up until they retire. This even though is false for he bulk the guys, it gives them hope and a goal to work for. Likewise most notably it motivates the employees to make alliances to purchase a home quicker. This develops a friendlier environment to operate in. This hope is highlighted when George describes to Lennie, “we got a future, we got someone to speak with that provides a damn about us”. This shows that George is confident the he and Lennie can earn a living together if they strive, similar to the American dream. Likewise when Candy learns that they have an excellent plan to live sustainably during the depression, he immediately jumps at the opportunity and pleas to George to let im in on the plan. The idea of’ the American dream’ is advantageous due to the fact that it gives the having a hard time Americans something to work for, even though it is deceiving. During the 1930’s when America tape-recorded its most devastating economic downturn, when the majority of the employees lost their tasks, all the farmers had the survival-of-the- fittest approach to living. Steinbeck perfectly displaces this when he catches the employees battle by showing their desperate race to make adequate money to endure. This turns them all to self-centered people, desiring just the very best on their own, making that age a brutal and vicious world.

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