Of Mice and Men explores the values and attitudes of America in the 1930’s

Of Mice and Guy checks out the values and attitudes of America in the 1930’s

!.?.!? In the unique Of Mice and Male, John Steinbeck explores the worths and attitudes of America in the 1930’s through a sensible reflection of society. Steinbeck reveals the value of the dream and relationship throughout the book. An attitude that he provides is society’s attitude about bigotry. The unique presents specific characters that are affected and connected to these worths and mindsets. For example, Crooks is discriminated against. Throughout the unique, a few of the characters have friendships and later establish more with other characters.

One of the main styles in this book is the dream; every character in the novel has a dream or has had one. In 1930’s America, it was considered regular and acceptable to be a racist. Steinbeck uses the character Criminals, the victim, and Curly’s wife, a racist, to symbolise a racist society. Curly’s better half uses her status in society as a white female to threaten Crooks. Through-out the unique, Scoundrels was segregated and separated from everybody else and is also forced to live independently from the others on the cattle ranch.

Crooks was victimised simply due to the fact that he was a black individual, he was often called a “Nigger” which in the 1930’s was the world to describe a black person. Bigotry was never discredited in society nor in Steinbeck’s unique as it was a really normal thing to do and nobody considered how individuals on the other end felt about it. The relationship in between Lennie and George in the book is a rare relationship that is valued extremely. Lennie and George were nearly like bros. In the 1930’s, American’s lost the majority of whatever they had.

Some people just had friends and family entrusted to nothing else which is why family and friends were valued a lot. Lennie and George stuck together through whatever, even after the event in Weed with Lennie. In the novel, Curly concerns George’s intentions towards the relationship of Lennie and him as it was not typical for individuals to be travelling together or have pals. Their friendship was really unique and valued and people could see that, George cared for Lennie and assisted him out and Lennie cared for George. One of the primary styles of, Of Mice and Guy is the American Dream.

This is the dream to own your own land and be independent, similar to Georges and Lennie’s dream of, “livin’ of the fatta the land.” Dreams, hopes, and strategies are the extremely structure of what makes life worth living. In this novel, dreams, hopes, and plans are not about realistic ambitions, however about finding a way to make it through the Depression, even if it’s just filling your mind with visions that might not come to life. Through-out the unique, each character has a dream however not one person’s dream came true by the end of the novel.

The reality that nobody’s dream came to life matches that 1930’s society, where everybody had hopes and dreams however no one’s hopes and dreams ever worked out. In the novel, Steinbeck explores and the attitudes and values of the American society in the 1930’s by utilizing the mindset towards bigotry and the worth of the dream and relationship. Steinbeck checked out these mindsets and worths through using the characters such as Lennie and George and their imagine enjoying on a farm together. Of Mice and Men is an accurate reflection of the American society in the 1930’s.

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