Of Mice and Men – Eight Characters

Of Mice and Males– Eight Characters

There are eight characters in the book. Candy, George, Lennie, Curley, Curley’s partner, Slim, Carlson, and Scoundrels. Candy is an old male that tends to the garden. George and Lennie travel together trying to generate income.

Curley and Curley’s partner are really mean people that are mean to everybody. Slim and Carlson deals with the farm assisting each other. Scoundrels is a black male that no one likes. They are all members on the farm that collaborate. There is one main setting in the book. It is a farm in the middle of no where.George and Lennie travel around together going to various farms due to the fact that Lennie is constantly getting into difficulty because he is sightly slowed down.

He constantly does something that gets them fired from the job so that makes George and Lennie go and have to try to find a new job. The book is everything about how George and Lennie try to get enough money so they can buy their own farm and Lennie can tend to the bunnies. George and Lennie want to purchase a farm that costs over five hundred dollars.They come up with a strategy that will get them the farm however it involves another man called Sweet that will give them 3 hundred dollars so they can make their payment. Things are doing simply fine up until Lennie messes up again. He is playing with a young puppy and after that he eliminates it. Then, Curley’s spouse strolls in and sees the dead young puppy.

Then, Lennie starts to feel on Curley’s spouses hair. He begins to pull on it and she starts to shout so he stresses and he picks her up and begins to strangle her. He breaks her neck while he does this and after that he runs off and leaves.All individuals start to chase Lennie and attempt to eliminate him. Then his best friend, George, strolls up and tells Lennie that everything will be great and after that he shoots him and the back on the head. In conclusion, the book Of Mice and Guy is a great book. The ending is a little unusual but aside from that it is great.

It shows how it is best to attempt and assist someone as much as you can without injuring their feelings. That can be associated with a lot of people in today’s life. In general, Of Mice and Guy is an excellent book.

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