Of Mice And Men – Dream/Reality, Innocence, Loneliness, Authority And Violence

Of Mice And Male– Dream/Reality, Innocence, Isolation, Authority And Violence

Of Mice and Men is a novel, which thinks about really intriguing subjects such as dream/reality, innocence, loneliness, authority and violence. I think these are the main themes the book consists of, these are the things that the author wants us, the readers, to discover.

George and Lennie, the primary characters, are taking a trip together searching for work, they both share a dream. This dream is the most essential thing they have, it gives them the hope that things in the future would alter, that they would have a house “An’live off the fatta the lan”.

These 2 characters are extremely various; George is “small and quick” and Lennie has the strength of a huge but the mind of a kid. He likes to stoke good things with his fingers, which he frequently gets in trouble for. Although all the differences they have, they take a trip together and share great deals of crucial things.

I think “Of mice and guys” is a great book, because every subject associated with the novel is truly fascinating and has lots to do with life nowadays.

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