Of Mice and Men Discrimination Essay

Of Mice and Males Discrimination Essay

Discrimination if frequently based upon many qualities and abilities. A few of the most clearly revealed examples in John Steinbeck’s unique Of Mice and Men are gender, age and racial discrimination. The victims of these kinds of discrimination are Curley’s better half, who is dissatisfied and bitter about her life, Candy, the old, handicapped swamper and Scoundrels, the black stable buck. Throughout the unique, these 3 characters deal with many hardships since they are roughly evaluated and often misunderstood. Curley’s partner is most likely among the most misconstrued characters in the unique, typically being looked down upon, or talked terribly about.

She is the only woman on the ranch, and who appears consistently throughout the novel. At one point, some of the workers are talking about her role in the cattle ranch, and what she ought to and should not do. “Ranch with a lot of guys ain’t no place for a girl, ‘specifically like her.” George is talking about his viewpoint of a lady’s location in a cattle ranch and is voicing his disapproval that a lady exists, specifically a woman who has the same mindset as Curley’s partner, and who is continuously attempting to flirt with the employees. She is always being evaluated, and isn’t even accepted at her father-in-law’s cattle ranch.

The guys talke badly about her and constantly insult her. Simply the fact that she isn’t even provided a name, but is simply called “Curley’s better half” shows that the employees considered her of little value, and appear to not see her worthy of being acknowledged by name. She leads a tough life, where she is typically insulted and seen as not important. On conclusion, females, or perhaps more particularly, Curley’s wife, are discriminated considerably against by guys. Sweet is an old worker, who, due to a major injury, now works as the swamper. He is continuously fretted of what will become of him as soon as he is too old to work, which he fears may be quickly.

He reveals these fears to George after hearing him and Lennie discuss their dream. “They’ll can me purty soon. Jus’ as soon as I can’t overload out no bunk houses they’ll put me on the county … I won’t have no place to go, an’ I can’t get no more jobs.” In this scene, Candy is discussing to George what he thinks will probably take place to him, and how due to the fact that of his age he won’t be able to get anymore jobs. Sweet hesitates of being judged for his age, and is stressed of how he’ll live when he can’t work anymore. “But I’ll be on our own location, an’ I’ll be let to deal with our own place. Candy is asking George to let him work at their future ranch, because it will be easier for him to work there, since he can do the tasks he understands he cant still do and operate at his own rate without the continuous risk of being fired looming over his head. Sweet is being evaluated for his age, and understands that soon, he’ll be fired, only because the boss might feel hat Sweet isn’t young enough to work there with the energy required. Sweet is having trouble keeping a task due to his age, and knows he most likely will not be able to discover another one, due to the fact that no one will accept an employee his age.

Criminals is the only black man on the cattle ranch, and is frequently victimized by all the other workers at the ranch. He is normally left out from numerous activities that all the other men participate in, and is neglected by most of the workers. “I ain’t wanted in the bunk home … cause I’m black …” This quote demonstrates how the other guys who operate at the ranch turn down and separate Scoundrels, and how he is forced to have his own bunk home, since he isn’t permitted to live in the same bunk home as the other workers. Crooks leads a harsh, lonesome life, only because the other workers judge him simply due to the fact that of his skin color. If I say something, why it’s simply another nigger sayin’ it.” Here Crooks is explaining to Lennie how he is looked down on, to the point where his viewpoint doesn’t matter to others. He is evaluated on, and ignored, all since of his skin color and race. These are all examples in the novel of how black people are looked down on, and overlooked the majority of the time, due to the fact that people see them as lesser beings. Curley’s partner, Candy and Crooks are all continuously judged upon, and gravely misconstrued, be it either for their gender, age or skin color. They lead harsh lives that make it difficult for them to make it on the planet.

The author drops some subtle, and some not-so subtle hints throughout the book that demonstrate how hard it was for women, black and aged guys to attempt to lead the lives they wanted, specifically throughout that era. This happened not only throughout that time, however even today. Older guys get rapidly replaced with more youthful workers, ladies are questioned in for numerous tasks, and black people are constantly stereotyped againsy. Discrimination is a daily concern that has throughout the years, become harder and harder to get rid of. Ideally, we will soon surpass it, and let people live there lives as they want without being under constant social pressures.

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