Of Mice and Men Discrimination

Of Mice and Male Discrimination

Discrimination Essay Discrimination and bias references in the book, Of Mice and Male, review the a number of characters lives. The biggest impacts of discrimination take its rest on Sweet, Crooks, Lennie, and Curley’s wife. All of them are discriminated for different factors. People are dealt with worse by the ranch just because they are various. Sweet is one of the earliest workers on the cattle ranch and has a hard time to keep up with the speed of the other workers. The other workers are more youthful, stronger, and more energetic than Candy. A number of the ranch hands get mad at him and call him, “Helpful for nothing. They talk behind his back at what a bad worker he is. Sweet only having one hand slows him down ever more so. Sweet knows that his days are coming and feels like he can’t maintain. Added onto his discrimination, is his “best friend” mindset towards his old, stinky pet. He informs the ranch that the canine has been working with him because he was a puppy. He was the best pet he ever had. However, the employees state that the dog smells so bad that they need to leave whenever he remains in Bunk Home. This ultimately leads up to the point till Carlson informs Candy he need to take the pet outside where he will end his misery.

Sweet, after much persuasion, lets Carlson take the dog away where it is shot. Sweet falls under a melancholy due to the fact that his buddy passed away. He feels closer to death than ever and after that stops his work. Sweet’s last summation of discrimination leaves him depressed and friendless. Lennie and George are his finest buds because his pet dog was shot, however they don’t compare. Discrimination takes all the life and sweetness far from Candy. Scoundrels, being the only black guy on the ranch gets some of the most discrimination. Being the 1930’s, blacks were still considered to be unequal and not as wise as white individuals.

Lots of bias ideas were fired right at Crooks. Criminals is the ranch’s stable man. He works, sleeps, and lives in the stables. Crook likewise is handicap since a horse kicked him in the back leaving him in a permanent stooped position. Criminals is an excellent example revealing his strength with his mind-over-matter defense. Cattle ranch hands ridicule him however he chooses what he lets bother him and merely neglects them. He is a wise old guy that likes his area. He lives different from everyone else on the ranch. The only individuals he ever allow his space was Lennie and Slim.

He felt a deep connection with Lennie, he felt his innocence. This was the only factor he let him in. When Slim came along, he told Lennie that this was the very first time he was ever allowed Scoundrel’s room in years. Crooks is isolated from the workers and is not enable at the main structure in the ranch, the Bunk Home. The only time we saw him hanging out with the employees besides in the stable was on Christmas when he headed out drinking scotch with them. Scoundrels is a pleasant character since he handles discrimination so well. It nearly appears as though he’s had so much of it, that he is unsusceptible to it now.

Discrimination is absolutely revealed to Crooks but Crooks doesn’t show any back. Lennie is the ideal target of discrimination throughout the entire book. All over he goes, he is bothered and teased. This is to blame to his mental retardation. Being from the 1930’s make it even worse because people didn’t understand that he required help instead of insults. Many characters take their anger out on Lennie. His biggest enemy is Curley. Curley naturally hates big individuals due to the fact that he’s jealous. When Lennie gets here on the ranch he instigates with him right away.

The one in charge also concerns why he doesn’t talk. George takes his side all the time, which is why Lennie always appreciates him. George is there for Lennie when other individuals don’t comprehend. Nevertheless, this puts a lot of tension on George and he eventually lets it out at the campfire when Lennie insists on having catsup with his beans. What Lennie lacks in intelligence, he has a surplus of in muscle and his great amount of work that he gets done. This saves him from being picked on for being dumb and weak. A minimum of he can protect himself; at least when George is there to inform him.

In an optimistic way of taking a look at it, at least Lennie didn’t die from discrimination abuse however rather uncertainty and stupidity. The last character that was discriminated was Curley’s better half. From the really very first time we satisfy her, she was thought about a tart. All the guys on the ranch treated her disrespectfully due to the fact that she was the sole woman on the cattle ranch. All the men ignored her because they believed she was trashy. They occasionally split jokes in between Curley and her. Although she wasn’t dealt with well, often she asked for it.

She was extremely flirty with much of the workers although she was married. It always appeared like Curley was looking for his spouse or vice-versa. She revealed her isolation by attempting to talk with George and Lennie. George was like the remainder of the workers and paid no attention to her. Lennie likes to speak with her but George warns him. Ultimately, when Curley’s better half lets Lennie animal her hair, he gets nervous and accidentally kills her. The discrimination lead her to someone she might speak to, Lennie, which in turn, killed her. This unique teaches the reader several features of discrimination.

The majority of the books events were based off a discriminating act. It seemed like these ranchers were all mad at somebody and wished to get the blame out on the individual they believed were different whether it be Lennie or Crooks or whoever. Discrimination takes its toll on people even if you don’t recognize it. It can hurt individuals who may not understand what discrimination implies. You must never discriminate anybody based upon his or her look, intelligence or distinctions since everybody is various. Everybody has his/her own viewpoints and beliefs.

Steinbeck desires people to see that you are just as various as anyone else and you should learn how to live and thrive because environment than rather put people down and dislike. People are treated worse by the cattle ranch just since they are various. The discrimination in the cattle ranch took a toll on everybody affected by it. If people were more accepting and aware, individuals’s lives could have been conserved. Steinbeck shows the audience how they can find out and alter by noticing how people are impacted by discrimination even if they do not show it in front of you. Discrimination just brings issues and life would be much better without it.

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