Of Mice and Men Dialectical Journal

Of Mice and Men Dialectical Journal

!.?.!? Pg. 4 Ch. 1″Kino squatted by the fire pit and rolled a hot corncake and dipped it in sauce and ate it. And he consumed a little pulque and that was breakfast.” Pg. 4 Ch. 1 “Kino sighed with complete satisfaction– and that was conversation.” Pg. 5 Ch. 1 “In his mind a new song and come, the tune of evil, the music of the opponent, of any opponent of the household, a savage trick, unsafe tune, and below, the tune of the Household.” Pg. 7 Ch. 1 “She, who was loyal and considerate and cheerful and patient, she could arch her back in kid discomfort with barely a cry.” Pg. 8 Ch. 1 And the beggars in front of the church understood everything in the town.” Pg. 9 Ch. 1 “They understood his lack of knowledge, his cruelty, his guidance, his apetites, his sins.” Pg. 9 Ch. 1 “He could eliminate the medical professional more quickly than he could speak to him, for all of the physician’s race spoke with all of Kino’s race as though they were simple animals.” Pg. 10 Ch. 1 On his lap was a silver chocolate pot and a small cup of eggshell china, so delicate that it looked silly when he raised it with the pointers of thumb and forefinger …” Pg. 11 Ch. 1 “Have I absolutely nothing better to do than cute insect bites for ‘little’ little indians’?

I am a physician, not a veterinary.” Pg 12 Ch. 1 “He looked down in marvel at this spilt knuckes and at the blood that flowed down between his fingers.” Pg. 15 Ch. 2 “Perhaps Juana had actually sucked out her worry over her first-born.” Pg. 19 Ch. 2 “It captured the light and improved it and provided it back in silver incandescence.” Pg. 20 Ch. 2 “… the hand he had actually smashed against the doctor’s gate, and the torn flesh of the knuckles was turner grayish white by the sea water.” Pg. 21 Ch. 3 “A town is a thing like a colonial animal. A town in a separate thing …” Pg. 21 Ch. 3 The news sweped on past the brush houses, and cleaned in a lathering wave into the town of stone and plaster …” Pg. 22 Ch. 3 “‘He patronizes of mine’ the physician said. I am treating his child for a scorpion sting.” Pg. 23 Ch. 3 “The news came to these guys, and their eyes squinted and their finger ideas burned a little” Pg. 24 Ch. 3 “in the pearl he saw how they were dressed– Juana in a shawl stiff with minus and a brand-new skirt, and from under the long skirt Kino could see that she wore shoes …” Pg. 26 Ch. 3 “He was a male transfigured. Some power was provided to him, and there it began.

You see what a great male he has ended up being, started from that minute. And saw myself in it.” Pg. 29 Ch. 3 “He brought the pearl still in his hand, and it was warm and smooth versus his skin” p. 29 Ch. 3 “Therefore Kino’s feature was real, however having set it up, other forces were set up to destroy it …” Pg. 30 Ch. 3 “‘The child is nearly well now’ he stated” Pg. 34 Ch. 3 “The news of the child’s health problem traveled rapidly among the brush houses, for illness is 2nd to hunger as the enemy of por people.” Pg. 35 Ch. 3 “you have a pearl? A great pearl? The doctor asked with intrest”

Pg. 35 Ch. 3 “the medical professional shrugged, and his wet eyes never left Kino’s eyes. He knew the pearl would be buried in your home, and he believed Kino may look torward the place where it was buried Pg. 36 CH. 3 “‘Who do you fear?’ Kino searched for a real response, and at last he stated, ‘Everybody. ‘” Pg. 37 CH. 3 “. he sprang like an angry feline, jumped striking and spitting for the dark thing he understood was in the corner of your home.” Pg 38 ch. 3 “Kino might feel warm blood ranging from his forehead …” Pg. 38 ch. 3 “‘this thing is evil,’ she cried roughly. ‘This pearl is a sin!

It will ruin us,’ and her voice rose shrilly.” Pg. 42 Ch. 4 “It was expected that the pearl purchasers were specific performing alone, bidding versus one another for the pearls the anglers brought it.” Pg. 43 Ch. 4 “For Kino was a favored guy; it would be a shame if the pearl damaged him” Pg. 44 Ch. 4 “Kino put on his large straw hat and felt it with his hand to see that it was appropriately places, not on the back, or side of his head.” Pg. 46 Ch. 4 “… Then they began him off, and he was never heard of again. And so they gave the entire thing up and returned to the old way. Pg. 49 Ch. 4 “When the right-hand man came out of hiding, the forefinger touched the fantastic pearl, rolled it on the black velvet; thumb and forefinger chose it up and brought it close to the dealership’s eyes and twirled it in the air.” Pg. 49 Ch. 4 “‘You have heard of fool’s gold?’ the dealer stated. ‘This pearl is like fool’s gold. It is too big. Who would buy it? There is no market for such things. it is an interest just. I am sorry” Pg. 50 Ch. 4 “… much better let them come here, so that you can see there is no collusion. Kid, he called.” Pg. 51 Ch. 4 He heard in his ears the wicked music. And on the black velvet the excellent pearl shone, so the dealership could not keep his eyes from it.” Pg, 52 CH. 4 “‘I am cheated,’ Kino wept fiercly. “My pearl in not for sale here. I will go, possibly even to the capital,’ Now the dealerships glanced rapidly at one another. They knew they had actually played too hard …” Kino is now learning the fact and his impulses torward the situations with his songs are getting more powerful and he is starting to (slowly) see a growing number of the evilness pursing him and his pearl. Pg. 58 Ch. 5 “And rage rose in Kino.

He rolled up to his feet and followed her as silently as she had actually gone, and he could hear her fast footsteps going toward the shore.” Juana is doing what must have been done from the minute the pearl’s evilness had actually started to happen. She is a religious person so the truth that she was truly bugged about this makes her show that she genuinely was religious. And she cares about her family. Pg. 59 Ch. 5 “Greedy fingers went through his clothing, and frantic figures searched him, and the peal.” Basically Kino was being assaulted and was a victim of tried break-in but he thankfully didn’t gegt his pearl stolen.

Pg. 60 Ch. 5 “She jumped forward and saw that one was Kino and the other stranger with a dark shiny fluid leaking from his throat.” Kino had actually murdered the assulter after he had actually attempted to steal his pearl perhaps. It appears as Kino has murder in him to safeguard his pearl. The pearl is a fortune to have but he is taking it truly far and is going actually far to safeguard his treasure. Pg. 61 Ch. 5 “‘… you have actually killed a guy. We need to go away. They will come for us, can you comprehend? We need to be gone before the daytime comes.” Now that Kino has eliminated a male for assaulting him to take his pearl, they need to now flee since the town will ba mad and possibly there might be some legal problem. Pg. 62 Ch. 5 “He was an animal now, for hiding, for attacking, and he lived only to preserve himself and his family. He was not mindful of the pain in his head.” He has actually crossed the line of people and animals. Animals do not consider actions, they simply do what they need to endure and Kino believed he need his pearl so much therefore he thought he needed to kill to endure. Animals don’t have that sense of high-end to eliminate for some enjoyment product.

Pg. 66 CH. 5 “‘I have it,” stated Kino. “And I will keep it. I may have provided it as a present, now it is my bad luck and my life and I will keep it.” His eyes were hard and vicious and bitter.” His description is like a pregnant woman who wants to keep her child. He is truly mentally tied to his pearl since he believes he will make everything much better by having his boy go to school. Pg. 71 Ch. 6 “‘We will be wed in a fantastic church.” And in the pearl he saw Juana with her beaten face crawling him through the night. It appears as though Kino doesn’t actually appreciate the reality of Juana.

He wants his son to go to school and him to be married in the church. However he is not getting up from this dream he might not even have come as a reality. Pg. 72 Ch. 6 “He listened again, an animal light in his eyes.” He is entering into animal mode once again and directing his inner conserve to safeguard his household. Though he can not truly do so when an animal. What they need is a mam Pg. 89 CH. 6 “And Kino drew back his arm and flung the pearl with all his might.” He lastly released the temptation that drew the monster out of Kino. He is now free of wicked and is now pure again with the true blessing of God.

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