Of Mice And Men – Determination And Confidence While Lennie Is A Simple Man With A Big Heart

Of Mice And Guy– Determination And Self-confidence While Lennie Is A Simple Male With A Huge Heart

Up north, they had actually just recently been lacked a town called Weed on account of Lennie. To start with, Lennie is not extremely smart, and becomes scared and confused quickly. Also, he delights in petting animals and feeling things that get his attention. One night in Weed, Lennie and George had gone to a swimming pool hall. Lennie saw a girl using a brilliant red gown. He got on to the sleeve of her gown. The girl ended up being scared and shouted; this scared Lennie. He did not understand what to do so he hung on to the gown tighter.

The next day, George discovered that the woman went to the authorities and pressed charges against Lennie. The cops were all over town looking for him. George and Lennie left by hiding in a watering ditch till nightfall and then leaving town. After that, they hitchhiked all the method to Salinas Valley, California where the story continues. The next day they came to their location, the ranch where the two would be working. That day, they satisfied somebody called Sweet. He was an old guy who had been dealing with the farm for several years. He also had an old pet.

It was so stiff with rheumatism it might barely stroll. A couple of minutes later, somebody else walked into the bunk. His name was Curly and he was the one in charge’s kid. Curly was incredibly hostile towards the newcomers, specifically Lennie. George forecasts Curly will present future problems and recommends Lennie to keep out of Curley’s way. George is trying to keep Lennie from entering into trouble once again, so when they satisfy Curley’s flirtatious other half, George recommends Lennie never to talk to her. Later that day, they also fulfill some of the other ranch hands, Slim, Whit and Carlson.

That night, Slim provided Lennie of his newborn puppies. Lennie was so overjoyed that he avoided in the barn half the night petting it. While Lennie was in the barn something was going on in the bunkhouse. Carlson was attempting to encourage Sweet to let him shoot his pet. Carlson argued that the canine was old, ill and miserable which ending its suffering would be the very best thing to do for the canine. After a couple of minutes, of believed Sweet wearily concurred. So Carlson took the old, tired pet outside put a weapon to the back of the pet dog’s head and pulled the trigger.

A couple of minutes later, Lennie returned to the bunkhouse from the barn. Then he asked George to repeat their dream as he frequently did. So George started once again. When we get sufficient money we are going to have a little house, a few acres of land, and a couple of animals. We will be our own employers and do what we wish to do. Candy was still in the room and got extremely excited at hearing this that he asked if he might go in on it with them. George hesitated up until he heard just how much cash Sweet had conserved up and after that he concurred that he could be consisted of in their dream.

When Curly came back into the bunkhouse, Lennie was still smiling at the thought of his dream. Curly idea Lennie was making fun of him and began to pick a battle. Soon Lennie had a bloody nose. He sought to George for help while Curly continued to pound him. All of a sudden, George yelled, “get him”. The scared Lennie got Curley’s hand right as he was throwing another punch. Curly shrank back in discomfort. Lennie had actually broke the majority of the bones in his hand. Lennie did not get in trouble since Curly told everyone he got his hand caught in a machine.

The next early morning, everybody was playing horseshoes except Lennie. He was out in the barn cuddling his puppy when all of a sudden Curley’s better half appears in the entrance. She asks him why he is out in the barn all alone. He says because he likes to pet things that are soft and his young puppy is soft. Then she says that her hair is soft and asks Lennie if he wants to feel it. Of course he did not decline. As he is rubbing her hair she began to oppose because he started to mess it up. She will not be quiet and Lennie is afraid if George captures him with her he will seethe. So he covered her mouth wit his strong hand.

She continued to yell and struggle, which scared Lennie. So he shook her and then all of a sudden, all was quiet. Lennie had actually mistakenly broken her neck. After a minute, Lennie realized he had done a bad thing and ran away when he heard George coming. When George saw Curley’s other half lying in the straw he understood Lennie had done it. A few minutes later, the rest of the men discovered her. Curly raged and George was afraid he might eliminate Lennie so he went to search for him. George currently understood the only location Lennie would go, the bush where they remained the last night prior to they pertained to the cattle ranch.

When George got there Lennie asked if he seethed at him. George said no and after much thought informed Lennie to look straight out at the river. As they stood there, George informed Lennie about your home and the land they would quickly have and how it would all be. Lennie smiled at the pleasant ideas as George took out a weapon. He aimed it at the back of Lennie’s head and shot. I delighted in checking out Of Mice and Guy. I think it was an excellent book. I was extremely amazed by the ending of the story. I would recommend this book to any one who enjoys reading about friendship.

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