Of Mice and Men-Curly’s Wife Diary Entry

Of Mice and Men-Curly’s Spouse Journal Entry

Dear Journal, Today has been so hectic that I ‘aven’t had the ability to write. I expect life is alrite over ‘ere but it gets kinda lonely. Curley’s borin’ and jus’ sits on his ass throughout the day and all the people are jus’ crazy bastards. They do not talk to me, turn there noses down at me they do. Believe I’m a tart simply ’cause I’m pretty and I’m a gal’, the just one on the god damn cattle ranch! I’m the just one ‘ere who understands how to have fun. I met Curley when I was about sixteen. I had run away a year before and I had actually discovered a lil’ location for me to live however I didn’t have no money.

I met him at riverside palace after the party, we ‘d been drinkin’ gallons of whisky and I thought that Curley looked like a great kinda fella and he also had cash, which I required. We wed a couple of months later. I do not believe I made the rite choice marryin’ ‘im. He don’t love me, he simply wants to display his lady to everyone, I’m like his trophy better half. The majority of the guys on the ranch don’t truly care but if some man looks at me, he jus’ gets all protective. When all those males are together they simply believe the worst of me. They prevent me and think I’m jailbait, however I ain’t jailbait am I?

I simply wan na ‘ave a couple of buddies to talk with. Like I said, it’s lonely on the cattle ranch. That nigger Crooks is the worst of them all, attempting to speak to me. I really believed the rest of the people on the ranch were alright however when I throw myself at them, they jus’ do not like me. Well, forget them I do not need no people in my life when I end up being a motion picture star they will all desire me. I know I can still be in the pitchers. I’ll be famous and have pals to speak to and all those guys will wan na take a crack at with me, that is if I can be free from Curley.

I’ll be the happiest gal’ in the world if I can be in the pitchers and I wont have to fret about Slim and Sweet and Curly and the 2 brand-new guys on the cattle ranch. Those two brand-new people Lennie and George seem an interesting set. Well you understand what they say, revers draw in. By that I mean they are entirely different; Lennie is huge, strong however kind and devoted whereas George is a little man who seems a bit ratty. I seen Lennie in the barn rubbing the pups, like a kid he is however I question if he’ll like me. If he resembles the other men then possibly he won’t.

Recently all the men have actually been acting suspiciously, they stated Curly Got his hand captured his hand in a maker however I make sure their lying. It could be Slim but he doesn’t seem the type or perhaps Lennie he is very strong however would never injure somebody unless informed by George. I believed he was sweet but perhaps not. It needs to be him; nothin’ strong enough to eliminate all the bones in somebody’s hand other than Lennie. I betta look out for ‘im, never know what might occur with ‘im around, might kill somebody he could. Well it wouldn’t be me that’s for sure. Well I much better go see what Curley is shoutin’ about, I’ll compose soon, Elouise

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