“All ruthlessness springs from weakness,” stated Lucius Annaeus Seneca. To me, this quote suggests that ruthlessness comes out from an individual who is feeling weak. A big question individuals ask each other is “Why are people vicious to each other?” In John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Male, there are numerous incidents of cruelty. Cruelty appeared in the book when George chews out the psychologically handicapped Lennie in the start of the book. This pattern of ruthlessness continues throughout the book. Characters that were notably vicious in the book are Curley, Curley’s better half, and George.

The three things that motivate people to be vicious in the book are: when individuals feel they are helpless, when a person desires a feeling of short-term satisfaction from being vicious to others, and when people seems like somebody does not belong with them. Often people tend to be harsh to others when they feel they have no power and they wish to use ruthlessness to make themselves feel superior or more powerful. An example of this is when Candy and Slim remain in the bar and they get on Curley’s nerves. Throughout this episode, Lennie is listening to George discuss their dreams.

Lennie is smiling due to the fact that he is lost in his musings. Curley thinks Lennie is making fun of him. He runs up to Lennie like a terrier and says,” Get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gon na laugh at me.” (62) Curley feels threatened by people that are bigger than him. Generally, he seems like he is powerless compared to Lennie. His actions are specifically Wong 2 terrible since Lennie is psychologically challenged. He doesn’t understand how to safeguard himself. Curley isn’t the only one that is harsh in this way.

There were numerous events where this motivation for being vicious appeared. Another example is later in the book, when Crooks is informing Curley’s partner that he is going to ask the boss not to let her enter his room any longer. After this occurrence, she strikes back by saying,” Well you keep your location then, Nigger. I might get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even amusing.” Curley’s better half feels like she is ignored and treated unjustly by the other guys, so she feels powerless. She takes out her anger on Criminals due to the fact that she knows he can’t talk back to her.

She feels like she is securing herself by revealing that she is not to be tinkered. Her acts of cruelty give her a feeling of supremacy and power. Curley and his spouse both handle the feeling of being insecure and powerless by blasting others who can not protect themselves. Curley’s better half is assisting to hand down the cycle of ruthlessness. An extremely common motivation for being cruel is to make one feel a short-term pleasure by bullying others. Halfway through the book George is speaking with Slim about his and Lennie’s past.

George informs him how he utilized to play jokes on Lennie due to the fact that he was too dumb to look after himself. George seemed like Lennie would do anything he asked him to do. One time when George and Lennie were walking along the Sacramento River, George said to Lennie, “dive in” knowing that Lennie couldn’t swim. George was simply attempting to tease Lennie due to the fact that he believed it would be amusing. It made him feel proficient at that time. Also, in the book it states that there were a bunch of guys loafing when George said that, which may suggest George was trying to make them laugh. Wong 3

George shows that he wants to sacrifice his friendship to impress others. This pattern with George continues throughout the rest of the book. George constantly seems like Lennie is dragging him down. He continuously advises Lennie how his life would be so much better without him. Another example of bullying for enjoyment is when Crooks is mean to Lennie and “his face lighted with pleasure in his torture. “( 71) When George goes to town, and Crooks and Lennie are left in the barn alone, Crooks starts terrifying Lennie with the idea of George not ever returning.

After seeing Lennie’s fear, Crooks was agitated to continue his attack “pressed forward in some kind of private success. “( 71) For Scoundrels, being terrible was his own twisted video game. In Steinbeck’s unique, when individuals seem like somebody does not belong with them, their impulse is to deal with that individual cruelly. Crooks is a black steady dollar that is discriminated against throughout the book because of his race. The other men believe that Crooks does not belong because of his skin color, so they make him sleep with the horses.

As a result of the torture they put him through, Crooks ends up being a really bitter person. When he is talking with Lennie in the stable Crooks tells him, “They play cards therein, however I can’t play since I’m black. They say I stink.” (68) Their intents are vicious. They treat Scoundrels like he is an animal. They feel unpleasant around him, so they just neglect him completely. Crooks gets fed up with all of the negative treatment and his heart hardens. He seems like he is doesn’t fit in with the others on the farm. Individuals have actually told Crooks that he is different throughout his life.

He starts to think Wong 4 them as he says, “If I say something, why it’s just a nigger sayin’ it”. (74) Crooks is not the only one who is discriminated against. For example, Curley’s spouse is also victimized for being the only lady on the farm. In the 4th chapter, George says,”Well ain’t she a looloo?” (51) and later on Candy states, “Possibly you just better go along an’ roll your hoop. We ain’t got absolutely nothing to say to you at all. “( 79) Candy speaks for him and the other guys when he states that he does not want to connect with Curley’s other half.

They ignore Curley’s better half since she is an invasive lady. Curley never reveals affection to his wife, and she is not allowed to talk with any other guys. He is very controlling over her. She flirts with all the guys on the farm, however none treat her with regard because she is a female. The disrespect for those who do not belong leads people to act cruelly. There is certainly constantly a motivation behind acts of cruelty. When people feel they are powerless, desire a sense of short-term satisfaction, or think that others do not belong with them, they resort to acts of ruthlessness.

After your day is over, and you are questioning why that a person individual was being mean to you, remember that there is constantly something deeper that is influencing that individual to be vicious. Much Like Harriet Anne Jacobs said,” Cruelty is infectious.” People are usually indicate to others because they themselves were treated cruelly in the past. People are harsh to others since of their own hurt. Lots of people have actually unwarily helped pass on this chain of ruthlessness. Weak point relies on ruthlessness over time. It is a vicious circle that is hardly ever broken.

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